Janna Jihad Unmasked: 10-Year-Old Media Darling Is a False Heroine

A 10-year-old Palestinian firebrand “journalist” who sent social media into a frenzy recently over her bravery for documenting Israeli “injustice” in Palestine can be unmasked as an anti-Israel propaganda tool  – a  child being used by a family of terrorists.

They have been exploiting the child for terror propaganda since she was just five.

Janna “Jihad” became a digital sensation after Vice Magazine and the Al Jazeera TV network dubbed her “the youngest journalist in Palestine”.

Living in the village of Nabi Saleh, in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, she apparently personally produces video reports from the centre of protests against the Israeli government – despite being a child.

But Heat Street can reveal that behind the supposed bravery and passion of “her” films, Janna is just another exploited child, used by an anti-Israel propaganda machine responsible for spreading fear and loathing.

Jihad began being used in videos – pretendedly made by her-  when she was just seven.

Her rise to stardom began after Al Jazeera produced a short film about her work which has been watched over 10 million times on Facebook.

Hundreds of thousands of people shared Jihad’s story and turned her into the poster child of the Palestinian struggle against alleged Israeli brutality.

Yet the name she used in the past – Jana Tamimi – reveals a connection to a disturbing clan involved in anti-Israel activism and careless exploitation of children for propaganda purposes.

The most infamous member of the family is Ahlam Tamimi, the mastermind behind a 2001 restaurant bombing in Jerusalem which caused 145 casualties and 15 fatalities – eight of whom were children.

The leading activist within the family – believed to be Janna’s uncle – is Bassem Tamimi. He has been jailed repeatedly for sending children to throw stones at Israeli forces and inciting violence.

Using Palestinian children as tools is part of the Tamimi playbook – as is killing Israeli ones.

Janna’s cousin, Ahed Tamimi, whose act of “bravery” went viral last year after she “resisted the arrest” of her brother by attacking and biting a soldier, is a prolific “Pallywood” star, acting in staged clashes with soldiers and police officers.

The term “Pallywood” is used to describe alleged media manipulation, often involving children, to portray Israel in a negative light.

And Janna Jihad is no stranger to being used in this way by her wicked family. When she was only five, she starred in numerous propaganda videos which involved her confronting soldiers.

The videos were produced by what is understood to be the Tamimi family’s media enterprise, Tamimi Press.

Bizarrely, in the Al Jazeera interivew, Janna’s other uncle – who happens to be responsible for photographic and video content at the company – seemed surprised at her enthusiasm for being on-screen.

He said: “She should be playing and studying, but in our life it’s not a choice.”

It’s certainly not when a family of terrorists abuses their five year old – now ten year old – child in this way.

What in particular makes Janna Jihad a false heroine is how reluctantly she denounces violence.

In fact, she appears to be forced to encourage violence in her family’s propaganda films.

In footage filmed in Jerusalem in 2014, little Janna can be heard shouting “we will kill you” to an Israeli police officer:

The hype around Janna Jihad raises urgent questions about a media that will throw its weight behind anyone critical of Israel without basic vetting of that individual having taken place – even when she is an exploited child being used by a family of child-killers.

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