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A still from a video released by ISIS militants in June 2015 called ‘A Message to Our People in Jerusalem,’ in which they threaten to overthrow Hamas in Gaza because the group is not extreme enough
A still from a video released by ISIS militants in June 2015 called ‘A Message to Our People in Jerusalem,’ in which they threaten to overthrow Hamas in Gaza because the group is not extreme enough

In a house in Rafah, at the southern edge of Gaza, I met Sheikh Omar Hams, fifty-one years old, a slender figure dressed in a simple white robe and seated on a mattress on the floor. Hams is director of the Ibn Baz Islamic Institute, based in Rafah, where it also runs a bakery and charity outlets. His mission, he says, is to spread the word of the Prophet Muhammad and to give bread and other aid to the homeless and the poor.

Hams is a Salafist sheikh. “A Salaf means an original ancestor—one of those who lived close to the Prophet and observed his actions intimately, followed his ways and his words literally,” he explains. The sheikh teaches his students how to return to those ways, and they in turn spread the word. Unlike many Salafis, who abhor any rational argument about the literal meaning of the Koran, Hams is open to at least some debate. And though sometimes willing to support violent jihad, he accepts that violence is often not justified, preferring instead to secure a return to original Islam through the use of prayer, study, and preaching.

Pulling his legs underneath him, the sheikh prepares for questions on how the Prophet might have viewed the methods of Daesh (ISIS)—also Salafists—and on the battle to contain its influence across the world, most particularly here in Gaza.

Since 2007 Hamas has been the de facto government of Gaza, albeit under Israeli rule—a rule implemented nowadays by means of a military and naval blockade by air, land, and sea, which is described by the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, as “a collective penalty against the people of Gaza.” Hamas is itself an Islamist resistance movement, with a resistance “army” called al-Qassem, but Hamas members are seen as infidels by ISIS since they place the nationalist battle for a Palestinian state before the campaign for a caliphate. Hamas’s willingness to negotiate with Israel and to agree to a cease-fire last summer was seen by ISIS as the latest demonstration of its collaboration. ISIS supporters inside Gaza have shown their opposition and tried to break the cease-fire by firing rockets into Israel, thereby angering Hamas and risking heavy Israeli retaliation.

In recent months, Hamas has tried to crush groups of Salafi jihadists in Gaza, some of whom declare open support for ISIS and are in touch with its networks in Syria. As well as rounding them up Hamas has “persuaded” moderate Salafi sheikhs to help convince jihadists that their interpretation of Muhammad’s wishes is wrong. One of these sheikhs is Omar Hams.

If the sheikh had made such an agreement with Hamas, was he not, I asked, aligning himself with the infidel Hamas in ISIS’s eyes, thereby risking his own life? He took a deep breath. “Jihad is allowed under Islamic rules,” he replied. “When Muslims see a danger to their own land or their own families or themselves, it is allowed for them to defend themselves.”

Anticipating the next question, he continued: “On the question of Daesh. In the beginning when Daesh began as an Islamic military group it was fighting the US occupation in Iraq. We agreed with it, as it was an occupation. But after that they behaved in a…”—he paused—“confusing way.”

What did he mean? “They were too easy with the blood. We did not agree with that at all,” he said, which was why he had decided to help Hamas resist ISIS’s presence in Gaza.

Daesh supporters had to be corrected, Sheikh Omar went on. Theirs was not a “pure” interpretation of jihadism. Daesh was a creation of the West and was not therefore “pure inside.” It was created, in his view,

by the thousands of bombs dropped on the heads of Muslims, and by the rejection of democratically elected Muslim governments, such as that in Egypt, and by the support for the state that is oppressing us here in Gaza, and that is Israel. All of this has created feelings of pressure among our youth, leading them to think like Daesh, alienating an entire generation. However, we don’t agree with this thinking and have condemned it. But we should understand the motivations. The Koran urges mercy and peace.

I first went to Gaza in 1993, when I reported for the London Independent newspaper while Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat shook hands on the White House Lawn to seal the Oslo Accords, which envisaged the creation of a Palestinian state. At that time Gaza, along with the West Bank, was occupied with Israeli troops permanently on the ground as well as at the borders. Under the Oslo Accords, Israeli troops would withdraw totally from both territories, which would be joined by safe passages and transformed into a workable Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital. White doves with olive branches appeared on walls as soon as Arafat and Rabin shook hands.

The Oslo Accords foundered, sabotaged by extremists on both sides. More than a decade later, in 2005, Israel withdrew its occupying troops and its Jewish settlers from Gazan soil, but still controlled its borders and much else. As hopes of peace faded, Hamas won power in parliamentary elections in 2006 but Israel and the West refused to acknowledge the victory, calling Hamas a terrorist group. After internecine strife among the Palestinian leadership in 2007, Hamas seized power in Gaza, which Israel placed under a strict blockade, splitting it off from the PLO-led Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.

Today 1.8 million Palestinians—including 1.2 million refugees—are crammed into Gaza, just twenty-five miles long and eight miles at its widest. When I returned a year ago to report on the aftermath of the 2014 summer war, it was ringed by walls and fences. Gunboats lay offshore. Drones hovered in the sky.

I first heard the name “Daesh” hours after arriving as I sat under a dripping tarpaulin in Beit Hanoun, a border village. A boy padded through the mud in socks. His father, whose house was one of more than 11,000 destroyed in the war according to UN figures, told me that a man “in Pakistani garb” had been seen near the city’s bombed-out sewage plant. But he didn’t seem concerned, nor did other Gazans I spoke to—all had other things to worry about, such as moving the rubble with their bare hands.

Gazans showed a remarkable resilience in the aftermath of the war, a kind of defiance. Perhaps it was surprise at finding that they had survived when 2,205, had died, including 521 children and 283 women. Raji Sourani, a Gazan lawyer, told me that Israel was to be taken to the International Criminal Court, not only in the hope of securing justice but also “to send a message to the people that we want the rule of law in Gaza, not Daesh.” When I returned over the next twelve months, some Gazans told me they still had such hopes; but as they faded support for Daesh grew.

By last month the threat had become so serious that the Salafist sheikh Omar Hams had come out of the shadows to appeal to the West to change its approach to the Muslim world. An agricultural engineer, Hams, who has never been outside Gaza except to study engineering in Sudan, works on Rafah’s chicken farms, monitoring water purity. But he is happiest with his Salafist students. He is an admirer of Osama bin Laden and passes on crude theories alleging that the US bombing created Daesh.

His central point, however, is incontestable. ISIS is taking root in Gaza among its disillusioned youth; he might not be able to persuade his own students “to maintain peaceful methods,” Omar Hams said. “We are dealing with individual souls. Anyone oppressed can do anything. That is why I issue a warning: to end the suffering of Palestinians, so that…we can influence our people. Otherwise there is no 100 percent guarantee of anything.”

In fact, hardly anyone believes that the suffering in Palestine will end anytime soon. But analysts and politicians have always assumed nevertheless that ISIS would never have strong appeal to Palestinians, who demand a country, not a caliphate. Most Sunni Muslims—about 90 percent of the world’s Muslim population, including Palestinians—reject the activist Salafi approach as too literal and sometimes violent in its methods. Conventional wisdom has it that there are separate strands of Salafism—“peaceful” and “jihadist.” But on the ground in Gaza definitions blur, alliances shift.

The seeds of ISIS in Gaza were sown back in the 1970s when small numbers of Gazans adopted Salafism. Some of them centered their activities on a small charity in Rafah called the Ibn Baz Institute, named after Abdullah Ibn Baz, who, until his death in 1999, was the Saudi kingdom’s highest religious authority. Ibn Baz was so stubbornly literal in his readings of the Koranic texts that he is even said to have insisted they meant the sun revolved around the earth.

By 1999 the Rafah institute named after him was almost defunct. Then in the early 2000s Salafism had a revival across the Muslim world, including Gaza, and in 2002 Omar Hams took over the failing Ibn Baz charity and turned it into a going concern. Today during bad times—war, for example—the charity can secure up to $4 million a year in donations, mostly from Saudi Arabia.

Also around 2002 Osama bin Laden was winning numerous new recruits to Gaza’s Salafist jihadi cause, including a young man named Sheikh Ismael Humaid, now a prominent Salafist leader in Gaza. Humaid, a tall man with a limp, the youngest of ten children, was born in Gaza’s seaside Shati Camp in 1975 and from the beach near his home he could see the lights of Ashdod, the thriving Israeli port where his grandparents lived before fleeing to Gaza in the 1948 war that led to the creation of Israel.

Imprisoned several times in the late 1980s and early 1990s for burning buses that were bringing Jewish settlers to Gaza, Humaid dropped out of school, taking odd jobs. In 2002, during the second intifada, he converted to Salafism. “I felt I could be killed any minute. I took this as a sign to turn to God, so I would die a good man,” he said, then turned to me and in his barely audible voice suggested that I convert too as I’d find paradise. There was no hint of irony.

Humaid became an al-Qaeda supporter and named a son after Osama bin Laden. In 2005 he formed the first Salafi jihadist group in Gaza—Jaysh al-Umma. Other groups formed, including one set up by a Gazan clan leader and gangster-turned-Salafist jihadist, Mumtas Dughmush. Dughmush and his gang kidnapped Alan Johnston, a BBC reporter in Gaza, in 2006; Johnston was released after some four months. Humaid also joined the Hamas operation in 2006 to kidnap Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier who was released five years later in a prisoner exchange involving more than a thousand Palestinians. Another group—Jund Ansar Allah—was led by a fanatical cleric, Abdul Latif Moussa, who in 2009, during prayers at Rafah’s Ibn Taymiyyah Mosque, declared an Islamic emirate there. The choice of this mosque for the declaration had resonance: Ibn Taymiyyah was a fourteenth-century cleric, often regarded as the progenitor of jihad or militant Islam. Hamas’s al-Qassem brigades opened fire on the mosque, killing twenty-two Salafists and losing seven of their own men.

With war escalating in Syria, Ismael Humaid made his way to Egypt, probably through a tunnel under the border, and on to Syria, “to see what I could do to help fellow Muslims.” He did not want to tell me when he went and for how long or whom he met. He denies any contact with Daesh while there and says that Jaysh al-Umma does not support it. Several other Gazans also left for Syria the same way—up to fifty, some say. Many have not returned but those who did, I was told, were inspired to restart jihad. Some of the returnees openly switched allegiance to the ISIS caliphate, calculating that viewed from the rubble of postwar Gaza, the prospect of a caliphate might seem more realistic than a Palestinian state.

Soon after the 2014 war, Egypt’s military rulers closed the Rafah crossing and began flooding with saltwater Hamas tunnels not destroyed by Israeli bombs, in order to stop what Egypt claimed was a Hamas-inspired plot to send Gazan jihadists into North Sinai, giving support to the anti-Egyptian insurgency there. Nevertheless, communication with the “Google sheiks” abroad was fast and simple over social media. Jaysh al-Umma’s Facebook page soon burgeoned with followers, while Ismael Humaid’s personal Twitter following reached about seven thousand, mostly from inside Gaza.

The first ISIS-inspired military action in Gaza happened in October 2014, when an explosive device started a fire at the French cultural center in Gaza City. The French cultural center was attacked again in December 2014 causing extensive damage, and in January 2015, ISIS supporters held a rally outside the center, burned the Tricolor, and defaced the center with graffiti. The rally came twelve days after the attack on the Paris office of Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical magazine that had published cartoons of Prophet Mohammed.

Gazans told me that they looked on in astonishment, while Hamas took little action. “At first Hamas didn’t seem to think it was the real deal,” said the head of a Western aid group, who didn’t wish to be named. “We thought maybe Hamas was allowing these guys to do this in a way to show the world—if you don’t deal with us, you’ll get them.”

Not long after, arrests of Salafists began, and in response mortars were fired at an al-Qassem brigade headquarters in Khan Younis. The Salafists were gaining confidence, demanding that Hamas release its prisoners. Then a new group sprang up claiming allegiance to ISIS and fired off a rocket that landed, without causing injury, near the Israeli port of Ashdod.

In the House of Wisdom—a Hamas think tank—Ahmed Yousef, a Hamas moderate, was assigned to consider a response. A well-traveled and affable intellectual, Yousef advised the use of persuasion rather than brute force. Salafist prisoners were visited by a committee of approved theologians who tried to “correct” the Salafists’ misreading of the Prophet’s message on jihad and “reeducated” them. He seemed to be playing down the problem of Salafists, probably for fear of fanning the flame or giving the outside world the impression that Hamas had lost control. For one thing, some of those behind the attacks were former al-Qassem fighters, hence their military skills. Angry about Hamas’s insistence on maintaining the cease-fire and other signs of moderation, they had quit al-Qassem and signed up with the jihadist groups.

Nevertheless, as Yousef pointed out, many new recruits to Salafism were disaffected youth. Hamas had interviewed the families of those who had left for Syria or died there—he could not say how they traveled or how many they were. Yousef had been to funerals—“family events”—of those who’d died in Syria “to look at the faces of relatives and better understand,” he said. “These young people have nothing—no glamour, no hope. Nothing.”

There was certainly no glamour among the bombed out communities of Shujayiya, a suburb of Gaza City, where street after street was obliterated in the 2014 war, and where—a year later—not a single house had been rebuilt. In the summer heat, youths disentangled rods from piles of twisted rubble. It was not hard to believe that ISIS had been successfully recruiting in the community.

A twelve-year-old boy, Abdullah, described how he had lost his grandfather, father, and seven brothers and sisters when a bomb hit their house; their pictures were pasted on the wall above him. The sheikhs at the mosque were supporting him, his mother explained, and had waived school fees.

A twenty-year-old sat staring at his cell phone as his father, often in tears, recounted how he lost a son and daughter as well as his brother and his family—ten in all—when a single bomb hit their house. I asked the son what work he did. “Nothing,” he said. He used to play some baseball but not anymore.

The United Nations refugee agency (UNRWA) and other aid groups as well as local Palestinian NGOs are only too well aware of the urgency of rebuilding Gaza and Gazan lives. If Western donors didn’t find the means to patch up houses and patch up wounds, they said, the jihadist groups would.

Across a wasteland a boy moved through the dusk in a motorized wheelchair. He was paralyzed from the waist down, shot in the back by an Israeli sniper. His wheelchair had been bought by the Salafists at the Ibn Baz Institute, run by Sheikh Omar Hams.

Gaza was “boiling”—a term used widely to describe the rising pressure produced when crossings aren’t open for weeks on end. My fixer, Jehad Saftawi, was “boiling” as he stood high on the blasted masonry of what was briefly Gaza’s airport: “Look at our new airport and it’s already demolished, we’re already destroyed.” He should have been on a flight three weeks ago from Cairo to the US, having been offered an internship as a journalist, but the crossings were all closed and now, he felt, he would never be able to go. Every young Gazan suddenly seemed to be trying to get out somehow. There was talk of escapes—through the razor wire, and by boat.

Nor was it bodies and buildings alone that were being patched up. Hasan Zeyadeh, a child psychologist, told me that the trauma of war, occupation, and encirclement by Israeli forces had been passed from one generation of Gazan children to the next; but this generation, which had grown up after the collapse of the Oslo peace accords, during three Hamas–Israeli wars, was suffering far more than any other:

They have a feeling of helplessness. They can’t trust anyone to help—not the politicians, not their own parents who couldn’t even protect them in the wars or stop the destruction of their homes. And they see in the foreign media that everyone here in Gaza—themselves included—is lumped together as terrorists. We have no answer for them. This creates a sense of helplessness. In these circumstances the young may regress to more primitive levels.

The video posted online by the ISIS media wing in Aleppo on June 30, 2015, and directed at Hamas was certainly primitive. Posing with AK-47 rifles, three ISIS fighters denounced Hamas for dealing with secularist entities. “The point of jihad is not to liberate land, but to fight for and implement the law of God.” They went on: “We will uproot the state of the Jews and you [Hamas] and Fatah [the PLO faction]…and you will be overrun by our creeping multitudes.”

The video caused shock. The Hamas crackdown on ISIS became intense. Hamas sources said as many as a hundred—some say many more—were rounded up in the weeks that followed, and this time for more than “reeducation.” There were reports of torture in the Hamas jails. Tension was evident across Gaza as al-Qassem set up checkpoints, men with beards were stopped, and Facebook pages and Twitter accounts were closed, presumably by the Israelis, who monitor and control all communication traffic into and out of Gaza as part of the blockade.

In July came a response: bombs blew up three vehicles belonging to Hamas and to Islamic Jihad, a smaller Islamic faction. More arrests ensued. Gazans were unsure if Hamas could exert control. By this autumn the tension appeared to have eased again. At the al-Qassem police headquarters in Rafah on November 14, the morning after the Paris massacres linked to ISIS, commanders insisted that the jihadists were crushed. “They have no martyrs,” said an officer with a bullet face and full beard, his torso bulging under a gray hoodie. On a wall above him live pictures from Paris and reports of the hunt for attackers were flashing across the screen.

“They don’t have a real organization as such,” the officer said. “Groups come and go. But they send someone to do a specific job and he coordinates it fast with a number of people. Then he’ll be sacrificed as ‘fire paper’ and someone else will be hired.”

Al-Qassem, he said, had profiles of the culprits. “The typical jihadist recruits had disturbed childhoods and often sexual problems,” the commander theorized, adding that money was a major factor drawing Gazans to ISIS. “Those in Syria often send pictures back home showing large banknotes to lure others out.”

Yet the more he talked, the more worrying the situation appeared. His explanation that the extremists had suffered from disturbed childhoods was particularly unconvincing, for it would apply to practically every young person in Gaza today. But he also made it clear that al-Qassem could not possibly keep track of all these small, fast-moving groups. Rocket firings, he said, were provoked by events outside. “If the Israelis burn some kid in the West Bank and some Salafi guys here get angry and want to fire a rocket, we can’t stop it,” he admitted, referring to the murder of a Palestinian baby named Ali Dawabsheh in an arson attack by settlers near Nablus. Most important, perhaps, was a question he did not talk about: How could he contain support for ISIS among extremists in Hamas’s own ranks? At one point the commander seemed to yearn for a more brutal approach. If al-Qassem had not killed off most of the Jund Ansar Allah group in 2007 at the Taymiyyah Mosque, “we’d be like Syria here today.”

At the end of 2015 the future for Gaza is dark, though how much darker it may yet become will depend on whether ISIS continues to win support there. Nobody knows if the present crackdown by Hamas will succeed. A year ago no one was predicting that followers of ISIS would emerge at all. When they did, Hamas itself was surprised. So were the people of Gaza. If ISIS were to gain strength, the desperate line for visas and exit permits could turn into a mass stampede toward closed gates. The nightmare of being locked inside Gaza with the ISIS monster is worse than all other nightmares the Gazans have faced—even the last war.

Moreover, if Hamas fails to crush the Gaza jihadists, ISIS would have a foothold in the Holy Land, posing new and unpredictable dangers, not only for Gazans themselves, but for Israel, the region, and for the West’s wider war on the Islamic State. In such a sequence, Israel will be expected to find the “solution” and will almost certainly bombard Gaza yet again and with perhaps greater ferocity.

Still, the mood in Gaza could quickly change. The long-negotiated Oslo peace accords seemed to blow up out of nowhere. On the morning of the handshake back in 1994 there was no certainty that Gaza would cheer. Hamas opposed the deal and as the day dawned the air was thick with the smoke of burning tires. But in the few seconds it took for Arafat and Rabin to shake hands the green flags of Hamas receded into a hopeful sea of red, black, white, and green—flags of the PLO and of Palestine. There is a risk today that the green flags of Hamas—the new “moderates”—could yet be engulfed in the black flags of ISIS.

If the stifling Israeli controls were lifted now the atmosphere could change fast. If there was tangible hope of a serious new attempt at peace, Gazans might find ways to win over discouraged extremists. At a conference in New York sponsored by the Israeli journal Haaretz, Robert Malley, the White House official assigned to organize opposition to ISIS, said that a resolution to the Israel–Palestine conflict “would be a major contribution to stemming the rise of extremism” in Gaza and elsewhere. The Western nations, paralyzed by the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, could do worse than open talks with Omar Hams, the radical Salafist sheikh who opposes the violence of ISIS; he is clearly willing to debate and modernize to some degree, and has risked his life to come out of the shadows to explain how things look from a Muslim perspective and warn of what might come next.

Before we talked, the sheikh told me that the only Westerner he had met is a Brazilian Catholic priest based in Gaza who came to see him recently, worried that the Salafists were banning Christmas. “I assured him we had simply advised Muslims not to celebrate Christmas. The priest and I got along very well. We had a good lunch.”

Omar Hams is certainly a courageous man. According to the al-Qassem police, ISIS in Syria has recently condemned both the Ibn Baz Institute and Hams himself as collaborators for dealing with Hamas. When I asked him if he feared speaking out against ISIS, he said that he didn’t believe anyone in the world was “completely safe” and added that there were certainly dangers to speaking publicly. If Daesh “finds Sheikh Omar is putting obstacles in their way,” he said, “they can find ways to get rid of him.”

—December 16, 2015

The Alex Jones Show. Obama’s Heart Bleeds for ISIS.




Alex Jones Show

Date: 11/19/2015

On the Thursday, November 19 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Syrian refugees are caught at the Texas border, as a new poll shows westerners are turning against the “refugee” invasion. We also look at how gun laws in the US are being scrutinized in the wake of the Paris attacks, and examine the French Prime Minister’s warning of a chemical weapon attack from terrorists. On today’s show, former FBI informant Emad Salem discusses the similarity between the simultaneous attack on France and the failing simultaneous bombing on the day of the terror attack on New York in 1993. Author and WND editor Dr. Jerome Corsi also gives his take on the Paris massacre and talks about Hillary’s election hurdles. We’ll also take your calls on this worldwide broadcast.






AJ:     Alex Jones


ES:     Emad Salem


JB:     Joe Biggs


s.l. = sounds like



Is this what we can expect at an NFL or NBA game in the very near future? As the Bilderberg Puppets of Doom run civilisation into an engineered grinding halt, shielded by faux blameless compassion, call it fear mongering, I call it reality. Folks, things are getting dangerous. House GOP Caucus Chairman, Glen Casada (Republican member of the Tennessee House of Representatives), said „We need to activate the Tennessee National Guard and stop them from coming into the state, i.e. the refugees, by whatever means we can.“ Note to bleeding heart liberals that disagree with the previous statement from a man of action, the blood of Americans will be on your hands because of your fake, brainwashed, liberal stance that could get us all killed. The Jihadists are already in the United States, a complete nightmare scenario, courtesy of our commander in chief. The Daily Mail reports, „Nearly 70 arrests have already been made of home grown and refugee Jihadists in the United States, including six Bosnian immigrants, three from Missouri, two from Illinois and one from New York were charged in February with sending money and military equipment to extremist groups in Syria, including ISIS and the Al-Qaeda affiliated Al Mazra front.“ According to court documents, the group conspired via phone, Facebook and email, such as beach for places like Iraq and Syria while using PayPal and Western Union to send funds to fanatics.


Too many hapless US natives went to Syria and died fighting for ISIS; this exposed the mid-West as a hotbed for ISIS recruits. A growing Somali refugee population in the mid-West has already produced eight Somali friends who are charged with conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organisation. One of those charged includes 20 year old Abdurrahman Yassin-Dal who was born at a refugee camp in Kenya and arrived in the US when he was nine, according to the Minnesota Star Tribune. Other incidents include a former US air force serviceman from New Jersey joined the Mujahedeen, two cousins, one a national guard soldier from Illinois plotted a raid on a military facility where they intended on slaughtering a hundred and twenty militia. A Yemeni-born naturalised American pizza and chicken shop owner in Rochester, New York, was allegedly funnelling Jihadist recruits to a Syrian welcoming camp for training. Gunman, Elton Simpson and Nadir Souf were shot dead by police attempting to storm Pamela Gellar’s Mohammed Art exhibit and contest. Austin Texas native, white Muslim convert, Michael Todd Wolf was arrested at the George Bush international inter-continental airport, travelling to fly to Syria to train with Jihadists. Wolf was sentenced to 7 years in prison. Self-described lone wolf for ISIS, Miguel Diaz , a 46 year old convicted felon and Cuban immigrant was jailed for 10 years in July on firearm charges. 21 year old American Christopher Cornell bought an arsenal which he planned to use to launch a terror assault on Washington DC, declaring his affiliation to ISIS during a jail cell TV interview.


Earlier this year, judicial watch revealed that the Obama administration gave more than 1,500 terrorists asylum in the United States in 2014. According to the government watchdog, the administration led 1,519 inadmissible foreigners embroiled in terrorism into the US last year because the crimes were committed while under duress. Until Obama put the rubber stamp on bringing 10,000 Syrian refugees into the US with no agreeable vetting process to weed out the Jihadists, getting to America was difficult.


[Female Speaker]This is the same person whose spokesperson is bragging that group could actually take over the United States of America, have a listen for yourself.



„Now our President and the puppets of Europe are literally aiding and abetting a military invasion against their own citizens.“ John Bound, Forinforce.com.


AJ:     A very powerful report, that’s why I opened the transmission with that. The reason we’re focusing on this so much obviously is because it shows the whole war on terror is a fraud. We end up attacking countries that haven’t attacked us while aiding the very enemies that have sworn to destroy this country. Big broadcast coming up today, incredible jam-packed with informative guests and reporters in Paris, France. It’s all coming up today. I’m Alex Jones with Infowars.com and we are in the situation room, not the war room today, different studio.


This is going to be another absolutely vital transmission. Thank you so much for joining us on this live Thursday, November 19th 2015 global transmission. Joining us today will be Joe Biggs and other Infowars.com reporters from Paris, France. They will then travel to London, England to visit some of the ghettos that are no-go zones for Europeans and Westerners on Friday and Saturday before returning to the United States. Emad Salem, the famous FBI informant who tried to stop the first World Trade Centre attack but was basically ordered to let it go forward before blowing the whistle will be joining us coming up in the second hour. And he is a top expert and of course was a high-level military officer, well a colonel, in the military in Egypt.


Dr Jerome Corsey will also be joining us to break down the global jihad and exactly why Obama thinks he can get away with opening our borders up and brining 100,000. First it was 10,000, now it’s 100,000, now they’re talking about 300,000. If we accept that it will be 3,000,000. That is the same formula they’ve used in Europe, so that’s all coming up today. Then Anthony Giucciardi will be ably posting the fourth hour and has a lot of breaking news and analysis that we’ll be telling you about later when he hosts the fourth hour that we’ve added to the transmission because there’s so much news. That said, just look at some of these headlines I’ve got in front of me. Exclusive; six men from Pakistan, Afghanistan, bus illegally entering Arizona from Mexico. That is from Brightbart Texas, Brandon Derby.


Now remember, supposedly series that any Islamists are coming across know other than Mexicans is what it’s called by the Border Control come in by the thousands per border state with Mexico per month. If you go and look at the numbers released by them that will tell you the countries. Pakistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon. A lot of them are just looking for work for their families but some of them are radicals, some of them are planning terror attacks and ISIS and others have planned to do that so there’s that report. Six Syrians with fake passport captured in Honduras on way to the United States. There is another report from Gateway Pundit. Here’s another report: Throngs of children are trying to cross the Texas border again, and notice the strategy. Obama a few days ago said „Oh you’re scared of women and widows and children blowing you up“ and then a woman suicide bomber blew herself up and a police dog in Paris yesterday and our reporters were on scene just minutes after it happened.


But see, that’s how they bill it, 17% of the people coming in this year and last year according to the Border Control, they have the numbers, are below the age of 18, 18 or younger. But see it’s always children. But it doesn’t matter that upwards of 80% of the ‘immigrants to the US’ and to Europe, these migrants, are military age men and are Wahabist who failed in the takeover. They were there to get their own land, take over people’s houses, that’s what the Jihadis do. They come, they colonize, they run you out of your home, and they take it over. That’s what done in the Middle East, they usurp each other back and forth. It is the Sunnis, traditionally, that are the main usurpers because they are the majority of Islam. 79%. I’m not demonising Sunnis, a lot of Sunnis are not radical and are great people. It’s a fact though that they are the ones quarterbacking the radical Islamic takeover worldwide so there is that report.


Syrian community leader says ISIS is already in America, New York Post. Yeah no kidding it’s not already in America, it is in America. It’s been allowed into American and now ISIS is threatening New York City in a new propaganda video. Now before I get into all of that, I want to tie it in to the fact that Obama thinks we’re stupid and thinks that he can get away with bringing in unlimited radical Islamists and then when they attack military recruiting centres, when they attack community centres, when they attack government facilities, they will just spin it and say it’s not Islamic and the dutiful CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC will all dutifully report that it’s not Islamic, period. Just like the Fort Oates shooting they said was not radical Islamic behaviour. When you kill 14 people screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’, it is. But what they don’t seem to take into account is the alternative media, that is the real media, already has bigger numbers put together in the overall aggregate in the final sum than dinosaur media. Dinosaur media is beyond its last legs, it is laying in the desert with laboured breath about to go into history.


And that brings me to this next outrage Infowars.com; Obama plans to veto refugee screening bill despite terrorists having entered US as refugees. The FBI in more than a dozen states as you know in the last few days has arrested 69 people with ties to ISIS, who they report were planning attacks in this country. But Obama is coming out and has now ordered the FBI to come out today and say that there are no Islamic ISIS connected cells in the United States. Well, we know there are ISIS training camps in the United States that were allowed to operate to train Jihadis to send them to Syria, to Libya, and to Egypt and Iraq. That is on record that they were allowed to recruit and do this. Now they’ve just flipped against the West and I don’t know whose double crossing who but it’s a mess. And if they ever act like borders could bring security, if they ever act like we deserve to have any screening process at all, then their whole fraud that borders don’t matter collapses. So that’s why they have to double down again, and double down on top of that and then double down and double down again and say „There are no Islamic terrorists,“ „There are no Islamic terror attacks,“ „No one’s going to hurt you, nothing’s happening,“ and why they’ve had Democrat Congresswoman, we talked about it yesterday, come out and say „We need to restrict guns because of Paris.“


See it’s the suspension of common sense. Paris has a gun ban like New York or Chicago or DC. Paris is one of the most restrictive gun free zones in the world, and it’s a hot bed of terror attacks because it’s wide open. So how do you counter the answer to a threat, like the head of Interpol said a few years ago when the Kenya shopping malls got attacked, he said arm the citizens like they do in Texas or Colorado, that is the answer, that’s the quote, ABC news. So when you’ve got common-sense like that gaining ground, you just come out and say the answer is to take everybody’s guns away because an Isis terrorist is going to follow the law and they’re not going to attack anybody because there is a sign on the door saying it’s a gun free zone. If you believe that you believe the frosty weather that hit part of the US came from a little elf named Jack Frost.


When we come back from break I’m going to play this congresswoman but here is the outrage, Obama plans to veto refugee screening bill despite terrorists having entered the US as refugees. The president says legislation would create unnecessary and impractical requirements. And all it’s saying is they’ve got to be vetted, screened, and prove their passports are accurate, that they don’t have affiliations with known terror groups. That’s not even proper screening. I mean why would a country that’s already got 40 million illegals in it, why would a country that is already going bankrupt want to take on people from a war-torn nation brimming with Jihadis and military age men and then not screen them when almost all passports, they say five out of six, is the EU’s own statement a month ago, five out of six Syrian passports are fake, fake. Five you’ve got a fake passport, you’re not coming in. If I showed up born in this country, born in Dallas, Texas 41 almost 42 years ago, if I showed up to the United States border, flew in say to Austin, Texas and I had a fake passport saying my name was John Brown or my name was David Thomson or my name was Bill Sanchez, whatever, John Doe, they would arrest me for fraud and they should. But not if I’m an illegal alien from Latin America, or Africa or the Middle East.


It’s bizarre ladies and gentlemen because they have all the security theatre how they’ve got to keep us safe and take all our rights away, because Al Qaeda’s hiding under every bench, every bed, every closet, the bogie man. Meanwhile you’ve got a real Jihad army taking over part of Iraq, Syria, Libya overthrew for a full year Egypt’s our ally, our government backs these people and now we’re told we’re going to bring them in. It just shows the incredible boldness of this administration. I think they’ve gone too far. Obviously they’ve gone too far legally and lawfully, this is treason, this is sedition, this is a military act against this country by classical definitions. Again, that’s not rhetoric. I don’t have words that rise to the level of this outrageous miscarriage of sanity but it’s gone too far even in the system, even in this whored-out corrupt system, this blasted, ragged-out system, this pot-holed, rotting, shot system, this is too much because it puts the whole security theatre on trial.


Folks ask why I have such high energy and why I tend to get on the edge of hysteria, it’s crazy to have the president of the United States saying they’re going to bring in 100,000 now quote refugees from an Al-Qaeda offensive area and almost all of it turns out are Sunnis that came into Syria to take over and have now failed and have nowhere to go. These are like pilgrims on the wagon trains going west wanting to take over land basically. And they’re almost all military age men, that is admitted. I just cannot believe how bold this illegitimate government is at the top pulling stuff like this. I mean I can’t even believe it. They just caught the six men from Pakistani, Afghanistan bussing illegally entering Arizona from Mexico. And Brightbart, Texas does have a lot of really good sources, we have sources inside the border patrol that told us to go down obviously last year and show where they bring the illegals in, give them the vouchers and then bus them into the country but at least that’s Latin Americans, most of them aren’t criminals or terrorists.


A highly trusted federal agent working under the umbrella of US Customs and border protection has confirmed to Brightbart, Texas that a group composed of five Pakistan men and one from Afghanistan was captured by US border patrol agents having illegally crossed the poorish US Mexico border in the Tucson sector of Arizona. Six men travelling in a group were captured roughly 16 miles into the state of Arizona, specifically near the small picturesque town of Patagonia, Arizona. The apprehension of the group occurred late on Monday night, November 16, 2015. Border patrol agents were unable to do extensive interviews with the six Middle Eastern men because the Federal Bureau of Investigation took over the matter. The aliens were immediately transferred to Tucson where the FBI took custody. There’s just nothing else really known about that. This is ongoing. If you look, because they only release it every few months, the latest numbers on who’s been apprehended and what, it’ll say 27,000 Mexicans in this sector, 3,000 – I’m going from just gestalt memory – Guatemalans, 1,200 Venezuelans. It’ll say and then it’ll say 127 Pakistani’s, 24 Syrians. It just says the numbers. John Kerry again is in NBC News saying accept 85,000 refugees in 2016, 100,000 in 2017. So the number is always growing.


Now they’re talking about 300,000 see. But then they keep using this 10,000 number in the news to confuse everybody. That’s how they started for five years ago in Germany, they go, „We’re going to take 10,000 refugees,“ next it’s 100,000, 300,000, a million, two million, three million plus now in Germany. Three million in the last four years. Now they’re talking about three million in the next two years in Germany. There is only 60 million people in both countries when it was East and West so it really is incredible. I just ask her by the question, how will the establishment get away with this when there are terror attacks in this country? What are they planning? Well they’re going to use the threat to build up this big apparatus of security that is then focused on the American people. I said I’d play the clip. We do have the clip of this congresswoman yesterday coming out and saying that we need to restrict the Second Amendment because of what happened in Paris. Here it is.


[A sound clip of Congresswoman Jan Krawkwoski plays]. “But I do want to remind you that before we killed a Jihadist named Alaqi, he did a video that said to Americans, „Joint the Jihad and get guns because it’s so easy in the United States of America to get a weapon.“ That ought to be a chilling reminder because aside from blowing themselves are up, which is of course not about small weapons, these people use the kinds of weapons that are still available in the United States of America and I think it’s odd to cause us to have another consideration of sensible gun safety laws”.


AJ:     Well that’s Jan Krakowski from Illinois. Yeah, they had illegal plastic explosives too, bimbo. You’ve got armed guards protecting you, you little slime bag. It was a gun free zone where they attacked, you monster. I’m so sick of filth like you. These people are anti American trash who want to disarm her quarry, her would-be slaves, predators want their slaves dis-armed, predators want to feed on de-clawed prey.


[A sound clip plays of President Obama] ‘When candidates say we want to admit three year old orphans, that’s political posturing. When individuals say that we should have a religious test and that only Christians, proven Christians, should be admitted, that’s offensive and contrary to American values. I cannot think of a more potent recruitment to offer ISIL than some of the rhetoric that’s been coming out of here during the course of this debate. ISIL seeks to exploit the idea that there is a war between Islam and the West. “


AJ:     Alright, that’s enough. Everything Obama says is a lie, that we are against widows and three year olds. No, we were against turning women into widows and driving three year olds out of Syria. But that’s not who is coming over, it’s men that want jobs, it’s men that want welfare, it’s men that want bribes. Many of them, a large minority of them, are Jihadis that failed in the takeover of Syria and are now being allowed into Turkey, north of Syria and then they’re allowed to infiltrate and march in giant columns, are the hundreds of thousands incredible footage that everyone has seen, into Europe. Germans are told you will be arrested if you criticise. Within hours of Obama saying you know you’re scared of women, a woman blew herself art and blew a police dog up and shrapnel flew into the police vehicles nearby.


And then he goes on to say he can’t think of a better recruiting tool for Isis. When the West funded Isis, 90+ per cent of the rebels are Wahabist , El Nuzra, Al Qaeda, ISIS, same group. ISIS is the worldwide caliphate recruiting arm establishing Islamic states. IS is the Islamic State they’re setting up with an area between eastern Syria and western Iraq. The public is so incredibly politically uninformed and geopolitically uninformed about what’s going on in the world that they get confused by it. Former DIA Director, US made wilful decision to support Isis in Syria, that was former top general on record. General Michael Flynn should I play the clip again? And by the way I’m not a fan of a lot of the stuff that comes out of the Mullahs in Iran, but I’m not for war with Iran, and Iran is not attacking this country. They’re the Shi’ites that are fighting.


The Shi’ites believe you’ve got to be genetically descended from Mohammed the profit to be able to be a cleric. Obviously that’s not going to take over Islam even though it’s arguably the oldest form of Islam. The Sunnis say, „No, you’ve just got to profess it and be recognised by the people as a spiritual leader.“ That’s why they’re the majority of Islam, because there’s going to be a lot more preachers out there pushing their brand of Islam because they can say that they’re a leader or a spiritual man because according to the Shi’ites you’ve got to be related to Mohammed. And that’s the big fight in Islam ladies and gentlemen and the average American doesn’t even know what that is and that’s what the politicians pray on all day long. And now, the supreme leader of Iran, the ayatollah of rock and roller, has come out and said that the West was behind the terror attacks. The media spun that to say that he was saying it was completely staged. Video from Iran supreme leader reportedly blames US for Paris attacks but when you read deeper he says the West funded Islamic state to overthrow Shi’ite controlled areas of the world and now it’s blowing back on them. It’s a true statement. WikiLeaks said the same thing, they got demonised, it’s true. It’s true! I don’t care who says it. If Bill Clinton said it, it would be true, even though he’s a liar.


A video posted on Facebook page affiliate with Iran Islamic Revolution, guards corps, was first reported by the middle east media research institute. It explains the US created being Islamic state to advance its own agenda. That’s what the general over at DIA said. It’s just true. See, the ayatollahs not bad for saying it, our government is bad for doing it. You’ve got these 9/11 truthers out there that will look at me and say I am not covering the full story because I’m not saying it’s all completely manufactured because it’s not all manufactured at the ground level but it was manufactured at the beginning because they created the group, founded the group, protected the group. So it is a false flag, but I’m explaining the type of false flag it is. I said Isis was coming. I said they were real. I said get ready for major attacks because I’ve been analysing the group, I’ve seen them on the ground, we’ve been threatened by them over and over again. I watch them be allowed to recruit online and they’re now going to use this threat to take our freedoms. There is purely staged terror, there is manufactured terror, there is provocateur terror. There is finance terror where its real terror groups but they got their money up the chain from shadowy corporations.


I’ve made my mission to study this and that’s why we getting into these areas but it is a real threat by yes the door was opened to these organisations to come into the West but it’s worse than that because our criminal governments, the illegitimate groups that have hijacked our nation and hijacked Europe, have been financing and funding these groups. So they helped finance, fund and protect and shepherd them and now they’re opening the door for them. Joining us with his final report from Paris, France, he’s got new news of chemical weapons threats. We know how Isis and Al Qaeda do have chemical weapons, at least in Syria and other areas they got it from Saudi Arabia, even the UN had that finding. He’s got more Intel for us before he goes to London to report with Paul Watson and of course Michael Zimmerman. So joining us from Paris, France is former army staff Sergeant Joe Biggs. Joe, what’s the latest?


JB:     Joe Biggs here with Infowars.com, now we’re in downtown Paris. To go back to what you’re talking about with the social media, how Isis has been allowed to recruit, I mean it’s amazing. If you or I, we get on there, we say something that is discriminatory, so-called racist or anti-immigration, we could be censored. Meanwhile these guys have been left to just get on Twitter openly recruiting, posting this stuff, and they don’t go after. If I post something, say if I said something about Hilary Clinton, the FBI’s going to be knocking at my door but there’s nothing going on with these guys. Today we found out that the French prime minister said that there’s a great possibility of a chemical attack here in Paris. I’m trying to figure out where that idea came from. And I think this comes from possibly the raid yesterday in St Denis where the police went in that building and raided it. Now they said, the initial reporters when they went in there, they found evidence of another attack being prepared for. Now did they find some kind of chemical stuff in there that they were working on, different kinds of vests, something like that. So that’s where I’m beginning to think maybe that Intel came from.


AJ:     Well obviously that’s where the mastermind was and was reportedly killed, as you first reported yesterday. It’s now been confirmed today, that they’re saying the mastermind of the Paris attacks of Halloween or of Friday the 13th was indeed killed. Speaking of Halloween, the Russians have come out obviously yesterday confirming that that was a 2lb bomb on-board that aircraft, ISIS did take responsibility for that. The point is that they’re on the march and as you know, Al Qaeda/IS has launched multiple chemical attacks inside Syria and attempted to blame it on Assad. So there’s no telling what they’re going to pull.


JB:     Well the lady who had the suicide vest strapped to herself in St Denis during the raid, she actually was going up to the window and looking at as they saw the police coming and screaming ‘help me, help me’, to lure them in to try to get them in there. And instead of falling for it, I guess they sent the police dog in. They said when that vest went off that it was such a big explosion that the floor that she was standing on collapsed and fell through and the explosion was so great that it sent her spine across into the street.


AJ:    Joe, being inside the middle of the epicentre of the ISIS Jihad and travelling to Brussels, Belgium and being thrown out by the Islamists that didn’t want you in the area, what’s your overall takeaway after being on the ground for 5 days?


JB:     Well I go back to the article I read right before we came over here that Paul Joseph Watson put up saying that about, I think it was 27% of Parisians actually support ISIS and I’m sitting here thinking that’s far-fetched.


AJ:     Those aren’t Parisians, those are invaders.


JB:     And I’m sitting there thinking that’s so far-fetched but now that I’ve actually been here I 100% believe that to the tee, I can tell you this much. Let’s go back to July 7th, here in France I found the story, I forgot about it actually, I read about it back when it happened, 40y grenades, 180 detonators and plastic explosives stolen from French military base. This is an article in the Telegraph. So that stuff went missing back there, back in July, no telling how that’s being used. If it’s being sent over into Syria, Iraq, here in France. So there’s definitely that out there. That stuff has been stolen, someone is using it.


AJ:     Joe, I keep asking this question, I’m going to ask you again. How do you think they’re going to get away when there’s clearly more terror attacks in Europe, in the United States, in other Western Nations? How will they politically get away with that unscathed, the socialists, the collectives, the Merkels, the Obamas, the Hollandes. Just today Obama plans to veto refugee screening bill despite terrorists having entered the US as refugees. President says legislation would create unnecessary and impractical requirements. The definition of treason, of high treason is aiding and abetting sworn enemies to enter and attack your nation. I mean this is the definition of cut and dry military sabotage against our country. I mean from shutting down our power plants, to bringing in Jihadis, to attacking our families, to funding ISIS. Obama really is trying to destroy this country. He really is trying to sabotage this nation. He really does want to destroy the country that gives him all his power. I mean this people are mentally ill. He is, worse than I ever thought he could be. I mean this is joke level, Biggs.


JB:    Yeah, I mean they’re pushing this entire PC culture to where it’s almost like they want everyone to have this sense of Stockholm Syndrome where they have to love being attacked. That’s how I feel, it’s like Stockholm Syndrome. They want everyone to feel like alright, these are your oppressors, they’re doing it, but you’re going to love them anyways and just kind of ignore the fact. That’s why this whole PC culture keeps getting pushed all the time, it’s this reverse psychology instead of going after the bad people, after going after the corrupt government, you feel racist, you feel like a bigot, you feel horrible for doing it. It’s the same thing with that, I just don’t understand it. So many people are falling for it around the world. It’s not just America, it’s everywhere. People are writing articles saying that you should sympathise for these people.


AJ:     Madonna says we should love them. Look, these people are bullies that oppress their own people and their own nations, it’s sickening. But what’s behind a lot of the guilt with the grassroots is we know attacking Iraq was wrong, now. You’ve said that yourself and you were there and were wounded there. We know we were fed lies, we know we’ve done a lot of bad things to the Middle East, but here’s the problem. The very globalists, the very new world order people that lied us into all these wars, to destabilise the Middle East and set the stage for ISIS to come into the vacuum are the ones now saying open our borders. It’s the globalists, they’re the problem.


JB:     Well I have some breaking news right now that there’s actually a raid being conducted by French police in Charlesville, Maisres. It is a town that is about three hours from here on the Belgium border. Right now there are police conducting this raid, sweeping through, looking for possible terrorists. So that’s going on right now. I actually have a link just posted on Facebook, on my Twitter and all that, you guys can grab it, it has live updates of what’s going on from that area. But like I said….


AJ:     Tell folks your Twitter, that’s Rambo Biggs.


JB:     Yes @rambobiggs. You go on there and find that.


AJ:     Be sure and retweet that at @therealalexjones there on Twitter as well. I don’t want to say exactly what you’re planning next but you’re going to go to London in the next day or so. You’re also going to be going to some of these no-go ghettos where women are told you must not wear skirts, you must wear hoods. They even tell people not to come out of bars. The same thing is even happening in Germany now where they had to stop Oktoberfest because the migrants were upset by outdoor drinking. I mean this is just totally ridiculous. So hopefully you’re going to go document some more of that because people are in denial about what you experienced.


JB:     Yeah, we will definitely. I mean the fact that…I mean I can believe that people don’t want to accept that, that’s fine but I mean I’m telling you, myself, Michael, and Paul were there, that happened without a doubt. We had no problem, we were in front of the building where that raid was conducted because it’s in a very open area but once we walked further into the ghetto and started moving around through there, that’s when the cars started coming by. That’s when the people started hanging out and screaming, like spit coming out of their mouth angry. They were there. And I was kind of wigged out so we were like alright let’s go into this restaurant and try to like get away from this for a minute. As soon as we opened the door, this guy comes scooting in and kind of grabs the door and goes no, no, you can’t be here.


AJ:     Obviously there’s not going to be any liberal lawsuit because you’re white, or you’re western or you’re Christian, so you weren’t let in. This is the suicide of the west. Well it’s been documented, you’re going to document it some more. Joe Biggs, we’ll continue to see your reports as you follow them at Infowars.com. We’ll also have you back live tomorrow from London. You guys, be safe.


JB:     We went to Charlie Hebdo today too as well, Alex.


AJ:     And that’s been filed as well?


JB:     We’re putting it together for a nice, produced report, but we actually went to the area where the police officer was killed on the sidewalk. There was a lot of people saying that that was a hoax. You can actually see a little rut, like a divot in the concrete where it looked like a bullet had hit as well. So we documented all that, the bottom floor of Charlie Hebdo has been completely cleaned out, It looks like they’ve moved up further, a lot of signs everywhere. And we were able to go in and get closer to the Bataclan theatre today, they’ve moved back the barricade or actually I should say they brought it in closer just around that area sort of a huge block. They still had the memorials out as well but you could see the signs up from last Friday saying that the Eagles of Death Metal, the American band that has the front man for Queens of the Stone Age, they had all that still up there. A lot of people out there scared, worried. Now we have the threats of the chemical attacks so everybody’s on edge here.


I went out last night and actually spoke to a man from Paris who lived in Australia for a lot of his life and moved back here about five years ago and he said he was actually supposed to go to that theatre that night, that him and his wife had tickets and he decided last minute, that morning, to go to Amsterdam and party there. So he never updated his family, he had never updated his work that he had changed his plans. He gets a call from his boss screaming and crying saying are you alive, are you alive and he goes yeah, mate I’m in Amsterdam. He goes thank God. He’s like did you hear…?


AJ:     Great job Joe, can’t wait to see those reports at Infowars.com. Here’s some of the headlines at Drugsreport.com and Infowars.com. Current host Alex Jones. Six Syrian with fake passports captured in Honduras, now Costa Rica detain Syrian travelling on Greek passport, ISIS threatens New York city in new propaganda video, Times Square attack, Syrian community leader ISIS already in USA, refugees cannot be vetted get real says the government. And it just goes on from that point on. Six men from Pakistan, Afghanistan, busted entering Arizona. Al Qaeda uses refugee program to smuggle operatives into Kentucky. Report 827 Somalia’s resettled in six weeks, only one Christian. I love how Obama says it’s discriminatory to try to bring Christians in, that’s the point of refugee status. Christians, the UN admits, are the most persecuted group in the world. Their persecution in the last decade has doubled. They’re being murdered all over the Middle East and Obama knows how dumb his politically correct audience is and he goes „We can’t just bring Christians in, that’s discriminatory.“ No, we know, you won’t let Christians get out.


           It is so sick! And it shows how much they hate us, bitter clingers, they don’t care if you’re black, they don’t care if you’re Asian, Hispanic, Arabic, whatever, you’re a Christian, this global government hates your guts and Christians are persecuted and our Christian leaders are controlled and won’t stand up for us. We’re under attack people, and Christians should come together. If you don’t believe in Christianity but you believe in Western culture and freedom, you shouldn’t like your culture, what you came from, being under attack and being replaced with a bunch of crazy, radical Jihad crap. And people know I was against the Middle Eastern wars, I don’t dislike Muslims, or Arabs, or any of it but I’m not going to bend over when a bunch of radical ones telling me that my daughters belong to them and are going to wear hoods on their heads, over my dead body! We’re taking this country back, period. We’re done. I don’t care if it’s globalists, radical Muslims, Satanists, whatever, whoever you are, get out of my way.


1776 is coming again and you’re not going to stop the new enlightenment, the new renaissance. Get out of the way, all of you, you globalists that want to suppress technology, radical Islamists that want to suppress culture, it’s over. We’re the real liberals, America was exceptional and we’re bringing it back.



Ladies and gentleman thank you for joining us, we are now into the second hour. And, I’ve got to tell you I’m not a tribal person in the mindless sense of I go off what colour somebody is or I’m not a big joiner of groups, but I am pro human and I am pro justice. I physically get aggressive and feel hateful and feel, let’s just be honest, violent. It doesn’t mean I’m going to act on the violence, but its normal, genetic traits of an alpha male when he sees innocent people, men, women and children, being murdered by bullies, to want to attack them. And the globalists know how to show us the Jihadis and show us their arrogance, show us their classical evil. They’re animated by a spirit of evil, they look crazy, they look hateful, they look oppressive, they do just incredibly unchivalrous activities and then I see them persecuting innocent people. Murdering innocent Muslims, that’s the main group they kill, and Christians, and women and it makes me sick.


You know we talked with Lord Monkton yesterday about a period of about 500 years when there was a golden age of Islam when it actually promoted medicine and mathematics and science and actually helped Europe. But that whole time is over and the West, certain leftist elements of it, that’s who’s doing it, big foundations, are funding radical Islam. We’re going to talk to a real expert, the author of ‘On the Run, Emad Salem, life after undercover’, top FBI informer, Egyptian military officer who tried to stop the first World Trade Centre bombing, and they basically, the higher ups had the FBI stand down, that was a false flag. And we’re going to get his expert view on ISIS and what’s happening coming up.


Briefly, earlier, it’s very expensive for us to spend the type of money we have to send three reporters to Paris, France. One of the most expensive cities in the world. I’m not complaining about it, that’s why we do what we do here. It’s why we sell products. It’s why we have sponsors. It’s to build a media organisation that can really report on things, really break things and really find out what’s happening. We didn’t go out to France with an agenda, we went there to really see what was happening and that’s what we did. We’re reaching millions of new viewers and listeners because of it. The issue is though most people in the internet age think of media as free. They consume it for free and that’s great, that’s our goal but we need people to purchase the products. So I just want to ask listeners to partner with us going into this Christmas and holiday season, to shop with the good guys, to shop with the patriots and to support our local affiliates, to support those local sponsors and to buy short wave, AM/FM, weather radio, crank, solar systems, super high quality and infowarstore.com to buy non-GMO heirloom, non-hybrid seeds at inforwarstore.com. To get high quality water filtration systems, books, videos, pro-liberty, pro-gun, apparel. Hilary for prison apparel. Products like deep cleanse, that’s finally back in shock. G-Shock watches, we’re a distributor for them, a direct distributor and have the lowest retail you’ll find. You can match the price we have some other places but you’re not going to find lower. That’s the deal we’ve got for G-Shock watches. A lot of the best optics for your firearms, radio lanterns, just a lot of really cool stuff. Hilary laughing pen, some fun gag things as well. Keep stuff like info wars key chains, I mean you name it, it’s all about spreading the word. Info wars cups. I haven’t plugged the new cup, it’s got a sheepdog chasing a wolf on it. Talking about sheepdogs and wolves, inforwarstore.com, inforwarlives.coms.


Donald Trump now in national polls is 45, 46%, he’s gone up even more from the low forties last week. And you’ve got both political parties trying to demonise him. The reason he is so popular is he is engaging in basic populist activity is saying we deserve to be a sovereign country, we should have a government that puts the interests of the American people first. And that they call racist, that they call bad. They say it’s politically incorrect. Well so what the politically correct people push. Why do we have to sit there and listen to what they have to say any more? Why are we under this ridiculous gauntlet of guilt? Why do we continue to grovel in the face of all of this? Meanwhile, we’ve seen our basic human liberties trashed and we’ve seen Homeland Security expended and we see it targeting returning veterans, gun owners, conservatives, libertarians. We see the IRS persecuting in mass the most law-abiding citizens in the country and getting caught politically targeting them. MSNBC goes on air and says good we should target Christians and the tea party, they’re racist.


It’s so dangerous when you have Rasmussen polls with a large percentage of Democrats saying arrest people who don’t agree with man-made global warming. Or disarm gun owners and put them in prison or restrict their free speech. That’s why a Supreme Court Justice told Matt Judge this year that other members of the courts have said we’re coming in 2016 for your free speech, we are coming to restrict your free speech online, we’re going to shut you up and your time is quote limited. This is real. This is really happening. There is an authoritarian move taking place with the rhino, neo-con Republicans and the Democrats. Overseas, the exact same agenda is being pushed against populations there, where they act like, with all this fake consternation that it’s bizarre to say that there should be any vetting of any type of refugees into a country but then you’ve got to prove who you are to get a driver’s licence.


So what is the end game? The end game is to allow Jihad attacks all over the Western world and then have the West misdirected and attack innocent countries and innocent leaders, just like Saudi Arabia was involved in 9/11, we attacked Iraq. That’s now been declassified, it’s now been leaked, it’s now been admitted for 28 pages. Just like they’re now on the news saying attack the Syrian army and the Syrian people and the Syrian president because it’s his fault ISIS has a strong hold in Syria because he wasn’t good enough lead to defeat ISIS when our own government has been financing them and running them. I know I’ve talked a lot about this but man, if the public was politically and geopolitically informed at any level, Obama would be indicted. Obama would be arrested. Angela Merkel, Hollande, all of them are engaged in treason and I don’t say those words lightly. Our government overthrew the Egyptian government, what was it, four years ago for an entire year and put the Moslem brotherhood in charge while they were blowing up churches, crucifying people, attacking military bases, shooting members of the Egyptian military until 15 million people hit the streets and removed that government of Morrissey.


We’ve got an expert coming on who can break it down. He’s having some Skype issues right now, we’re about to go to him. And you think about how our ally for 33 years is overthrown and they don’t put some more democratic, more pro-Western group in, they put radicals in that want to destroy the West. Why? Why? Because then they can wreck the Middle East, the globalists can and they can wreck us to because the globalists have a philosophy of divide and conquer, deindustrialisation and Balkanisation and every secular government from Mohammed Mozadeq in 1953 in Iran, to the government of Hazi Mubarak, has been overthrown by the West because they do not want stability in those countries. The same reasons Saddam Hussein was removed and all these HBO movies made about how bad he was, a bunch of bull. Saddam Hussein is an angel compared to people like Al Qaeda. Saddam Hussein never attacked the United States. Saddam Hussein was told to attack Iran and given $40 billion by the United States and satellite Intel. We know he launched chemical attacks on the Kurds because the CIA gave him the directives and how to use it with his helicopters and his artillery.


And it’s wrong to set countries up, it’s wrong to destroy countries, it’s wrong to break up countries like they’re breaking up Syria and Iraq right now. And it is completely and totally cold-blooded. In other news, while we’re waiting for our guest to sort out audio we’re sorting it out, Oklahoma earthquake rumbles through nine states, there were no immediate reports of injuries or serious damage after a magnitude 4.7 earthquake struck Oklahoma and Kansas Thursday morning, authorities said. The quake shook parts of northern Oklahoma and southern Kansas at 1:42 AM according to the National earthquake information Centre near Cherokee, Oklahoma which lies 20 miles south of the Kansas border in the Ozark Mountains. The quake was nothing residents of the area are not used to, according to National Earthquake Information Centre geophysicist Randy Baldwin, who told the associated press that in 2015 he has felt more than 20 magnitude for earthquakes.


The point is that it’s heating back up. And I’m not worried about the Balconi’s Fault line through Austin, Texas and four extinct volcanoes. I’m not worried about the fault lines and the new madra and all of it up there. What I’m worried about is the ring of fire because every seismologist we’ve talked to, every report we’ve seen admits the entire ring of fire that caused tsunamis a decade ago and caused earthquakes in Japan and Fukushima, all of it, the only place that hasn’t triggered had its earthquake yet is the section that runs up from northern Baja up into Seattle and the main trigger point is smack down in those fault lines outside Los Angeles. The old classic statement that it may just break off and fall into the ocean is amazing. So they’re not saying it’s a question of if but when, they’re saying it’s imminent for a seven magnitude earthquake on the west coast any time. It’s a miracle, a miracle it hasn’t happened yet and you’re going to see highways collapse, you’re going to see buildings falling in, you are going to see some major death tolls when this sucker hits because they say it’s going to be one of the biggest ones ever recorded in modern seismology on the West Coast.


So just remember we are so worried about terrorism and all the rest of it, terrorism is one of the rarest forms of death in the West. It still is a problem obviously if you get killed by it or injured or loose family but we shouldn’t give up any of our liberties in the fight against terrorists because it won’t protect you anyways and that is what governments want. That said though, I don’t know why the West is opening the door to this. Now joining us for the balance of the hour is Emad Salem. Emadsalem.org he is the bestselling author of ‘On the Run, Life After Undercover’ if you want to understand what really happened with the situation back in the early 1990s with the first World Trade Centre bombing. He was there, he tried to stop it and was ordered to stand down. That’s even been in the New York Times. We’re going to go to a break here in a moment, and go through it all but Emad Salem is the former Egyptian military colonel who went undercover with the FBI and infiltrated the first Al Qaeda cell on American soil in New York City in ’93 World Trade Centre bombing. He also penetrated the headquarters of Al Qaeda in America, and the leadership of the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel Rahman and the underground terrorist cell who were planning to blow up the landmarks of New York City and become the government’s star witness on the day of terror trial.


He is the author of ‘Undercover, The Untold Story of Al Qaeda, the FBI, CIA and America’; you should get the book just to support somebody that has as much courage as he did. And of course the LA Times breaks down how powerful this book is as well in a review. Seeking a sense of purpose, FBI informant decides to tell all. We’re going to break in about a minute and a half. He wants to get into the attacks but let me ask you this question, we appreciate him coming on in the one minute we have. Colonel, is there a method behind the madness to bring in millions of people from known Wahabist, Jihad held areas into Europe and the United States, what is Obama, what is Merkel, what is the French president, what are they thinking?


ES:     Well I think bringing these refugees into our homeland is a big mistake and I think that will jeopardise the safety of the American people. And we got exposed to the day of mayhem in 1993, and thankfully we were able to foil that plot. The same day of mayhem happened in Paris on Friday and the lack of intelligence did not make the French people to be able to stand on top of the terrorists. At this time I think it’s a big mistake if we allow these people, they are Wahabist, are you said, they are Sunnis and we don’t know who is who.


AJ:     Well Colonel stay there, I want to come back because you’re the expert, you’ve infiltrated these groups all over the world. Stay with us Sir. You’re listening to the Alex Jones show, I’m Alex Jones. This is a short six minute segment, big long 18 minute segment coming up. Emad Salem is our guest. He was of course an Egyptian army colonel came over here to work with the CIA and the FBI, he already had moved here, began working with them to try to stop radical Jihad groups, the first Al Qaeda cell inside the United States. He is a specific expert obviously fighting Wahabist, fighting radical Sunnis and other groups here in the United States and overseas. He wants to go over his condolences to France, the similarity between the simultaneously attacks on France and the simultaneously bombing of the day of the terror attack on New York City they were planning, the Russian plane in Egypt and so much more.


So sir, please continue with your breakdown of, what is…I mean our governments aren’t stupid so what are they planning allowing these groups in that we know are going to end up attacking and have been attacking and then I specifically want to flesh out where you think ISIS is going in all of this and are they double crossing some of the Western governments that were aiding them in the fight against Assad?


ES:     Well, Alex, unfortunately if we allow this groups of Sunni Wahabist people to enter into our lands, there is no doubt in my mind that it will happen again. We already got attacked in 1993, by the same group, however different name it’s all the same ideology. We were able to stop five bombs from going simultaneously in the Holland tunnel, Lincoln tunnel, Washington bridge, the headquarters of the FBI in New York City and 26 Federal Plaza and the United Nations building. Unfortunately, they succeeded to pull that trick in France and the day of mayhem happened in France last week. My biggest condemnation to that cowardly attack to attack people who are not armed, civilian people who have nothing to do with their corrupt ideology and they attack them when they are on a particular day, having fun. If we allow these people, the same group, to enter into our homeland, it will happen again. But again, I don’t know if our government wanted that to happen again to start to take our liberty out of our hands more and more and put more restrictions on the media. Like you Alex, for example, I’m sure there is a lot of government and agencies who’d like to shut your show up.


AJ:     Yes, sir.


ES:     Unfortunately if we can’t stop this madness from happening before it happened and then they will say, oops, it happened again and they will let these people start to hurt the American people, to give them a reason to start to monitor more and to take our liberties out of our hands.


AJ:     And this from a former Egyptian army colonel, Emad Salem, who tried to stop the first World Trade Centre attack, the higher ups above him at the FBI were doing their job as well but they were basically counter-manded. So the bombing went forward and we know that story because he recorded them, he taped them, not just the terrorists, the government, basically involved in the partial stand down. For whatever reason that bombing went forward but you were able, as you said, to stop the other bombings. Looking at this situation in Europe, if we’re bringing in such large numbers of ISIS, just from a gut level, colonel, it tells me that when there are attacks, there’s going to be a lot more of them and they’re going to be bigger. Is that accurate to say?


ES:     It is very accurate Alex and there is something I would like to bring to the American people’s attention. Merkel in Germany was kind enough to open her doors to the immigrants and the consequences concept was really hefty, that on the day of the soccer game, they had the tip that there was a terrorist attack going to happen. They vacated the stadium and it never heard in the American mainstream media that they uncovered an ambulance loaded with explosives parked near the stadium ready to get blown up at the people of Germany. This has never been published in American mainstream media. I never heard it in American media.


AJ:     Colonel stay there, you’re going to have the floor when we come back because you have incredible credibility, New York Times, LA Times, everything you’ve ever talked about has been proven. I was not aware of this. Please tell us the sources, what happened. We know about the evacuation, the cancelling of the football game, the soccer game but I did not know that they actually had the explosives laden ambulance that was discovered. This is incredible, imagine if it would have gone off, it could have killed thousands. We’ll cover it all straight ahead. He was an army colonel in the Egyptian military who had a lot of experience dealing with radicals and extremists who want to seize power. The main group that is coming out of Saudi Arabia generally and that of course is the Wahabist, radical version of Sunni Muslim. Most Sunni Muslims are not radical, they don’t want to terrorise people but it is this group that continues to carry out most terror worldwide. And I want to get later into the fact that Egypt has been forced to now start working with Russia, our government has double crossed Egypt, on record. They’ve had trials there where it’s come out the Muslim brotherhood has been financed by Obama through Kenya.


I mean this is a really reckless, bizarre move by Obama. And I never believed that he secretly worked with radical Islam and had some plan, because I’ve been against conquering these countries, invading them, destabilising them. As folks know, I was against the Iraq war. But I now I see what Obama’s doing. It’s just not in the US interest, it’s not in anybody’s interest. It’s not in peoples interests in Sunni countries to be under these Wahabist. It just gets worse and worse and worse. And crazier. They’re catching just huge numbers of these folks coming in now and they’re bringing them in and Obama says he’ll veto a bill just to screen these people, who they admit five out of six passports are fake. These aren’t Syrian refugees, these are Jihadis that went in there to take over. I’m going to stop ranting.


Again, Colonel Emad Salem is the best-selling author of ‘On the run’ you can go to his website and find the book and read it and show it to your friends and family, Emad Salem.org. I’m going to tweet that out by the way at realalexjones and tell folks to get this hero’s book because he risked his life and a lot more to bring us this information. He’s telling you right now, specifically what’s going on so we ended, and I actually Googled it, sand here it is in the foreign press; ‘Ambulance full of explosives reportedly found near German stadium’ but we never heard this here in the United States as he said. So colonel, please continue.


ES:     Yes sir, you mentioned the Kenyan connection with the Muslim brotherhood. And that shows in Mr Obongo Obama. Mr Obongo Obama is Mr Barack Hussein’s brother in Kenya. And he is the main support line for the Muslim brotherhood in Africa. Unfortunately, the Muslim brotherhood started to blackmail Mr Obama, the Egyptian intelligence of course leaked to the media. If you have that newspaper, it’s called El Ahran newspaper, that is the governmental main issue newspaper, who talks on behalf of the government. Mr Obama succeeded to alienate Egypt from working and cooperating with America, eliminating Saudi Arabia from cooperating with America, and we know that we have Libya destabilised, we have Syria destabilised and we have Iraq under Iranian control.


Mr Obama unfortunately became alienated from this country, not getting their support in that kind of war. This is most Sunni Iraq countries, knows how to talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to war on terrorists. But unfortunately, I don’t know why Mr Obama has to support the Muslim brotherhood. And you can see the headline in the El Ahran newspaper that the Muslim brotherhood is warning Mr Obama not to withdraw his support from them or they’re going to release documentation to jeopardise his throne.


AJ:     Wow, this is incredible because Dr Jerome Corsey as you know has worked in the Middle East for the State Department and done a lot of other work. He has published online daily a lot of what the Egyptian government and courts have brought out, including the documents but now, by Obama’s actions, from the threats of a year ago of blackmail, we see it’s working. That makes sense why Obama would do things that aren’t even good for him because his cousins and half-brothers and others are on record working with them. They are very daring that they would try to blackmail a president of the United States. It looks like, if you’re correct, and I think the evidence shows you are, they have really outclassed him and really double-crossed him. Can you expand on that and breakdown where you see this going and what you think ISIS and the Muslim brotherhood, kind of their spokesman, are going to do?


ES:     Well, at this time, this is the newspaper in the Middle East. If you see the intelligence on the Egyptian streets today, you can see how they portray Mr Obama, how they portray him with a big beard and a turban and they’re asking him to stop his support to the Muslim brotherhood because they are bombing inside Cairo. They are bombing inside the Muslim Arab countries and we want to open the door for them to come to America to start to carry their bombings as well up here. Unfortunately for Germany, they don’t want to admit this ambulance full of explosives because it is again is what the president of Germany had done, that allowed these people to enter her country and now they will start the bombings and they will start to suffer a great deal of pain from that fanatic group. If we let these people to enter here, we’re going to have the same consequences and then we will lose our liberty.


I want to go back to Mr Obama’s first speech in Egypt, in Cairo, Egypt, the first visit when he went there and he said to the Muslim brotherhood, „I am sorry for what America had done.“ I don’t understand what is Mr Obama apologising for. America was a great deal of help to Egypt at that time. We were giving the Egyptian military $1.5 billion dollars as in assets, as in help with their military. All of that then stopped and that allowed Saudi Arabia to step in with their money and then Putin has to step in to show his support to Egypt. America walked out of the Egyptian land and Putin put his roots up there. So we look at the first stage for Mr Obama, „I’m sorry for America I’m sorry for what America has done,“ and then you can see the behaviour after that.


Unfortunately, Mr President, you castrated the American military and the American influence around the world because America, when it is strong, you would have a lot of people wanting to relate to, today unfortunately I know for a fact that America is not being liked or respected by our Arab Sunni allies and we are not helping even our allies in the countries in the Middle East. On the contrary, he is trying to say that he is fighting the war but we are making only five bombings a day, more than 1,000 a day at the time when we were fighting real fights. Mr Obama unfortunately you weakened our country, you are not helping us.


AJ:     Let me ask you this kernel because I don’t think I’ve had anybody on that boils it down, that crystallises it like you do. Everything you say, I mean I look at the news every day, it’s all true. I sit back and I think I had a blindside because I know our government is not perfect, it’s done things, it’s been corrupt, all governments have problems. We try to influence them to be better, that’s why we get involved just like you did in your government. But I used to hear Obama wants to bring down America, he wants to destroy our influence, he wants to sabotage us. I went look the Democrats have got problems but that’s not what they’re really doing. Now everything they do, from our borders to our energy being cut off to our jobs to the regulations to Obama care designed direct healthcare. I mean I’ve read it, I know what it does. It’s designed to…just everything he does it’s like he’s a sleeper cell or something to destroy the country. I tell you, I’ve never been more, not even afraid, it’s more shocked.


I just am in disbelief and then I wonder what is he going to pull next and why would our elites finance him to do this. I want to believe that there is a method behind the madness, even if it’s evil. But then I come to the realisation, I’ve talked to a lot of high-level generals current and retired and other people, and they said no, you don’t understand. Literally the government is being run by Obama and a few people. They think they know what they’re doing, they’re completely insane, they believe their leftist ideology and that’s why the whole world is so scared and trying to aim their nuclear weapons at us again is because it appears that we do have crazy people running things. Do you disagree with that? Can you elaborate or what’s your view?


ES:     I agree with you 100% on that, Alex, because I Obama has apologised about what America is doing bringing democracy and trying to bring peace into the Middle East. Mr Obama used to sit in his church listening for his minister, Mr Wright, when he was damning America, when he is attacking America. He accepted that and attended the church for years and years. Once he had the opportunity to become the president of the United States, he started to castrate the power of America and lower the energy of the American influence around the world. That opened the door and vacuum for ISIS to take place in Iraq in Syria, spread to Libya now they are heading to Egypt, now they are in France. They are just about to head into Germany. They succeeded to stop them this time.


And if we allow them to open our doors to immigrants to enter our homes, I’m not a conspiracy theorist but I am afraid that if they allow these people to walk in, that is going to be a false flag operation to let them bomb America. Then they say oops, they bombed America, we have two monitor America more and take your guns and take your liberty and take everything. Even the mainstream media today has started to be controlled by the government. It is sad. This is not the America I immigrated to 30 years ago. This is not America which I put my life and my family’s life on the line for. Mr Obama, please, please help American, don’t weaken America and don’t listen to Mr Pastor who used to explain to you that America should be doomed with what we are trying to accomplish. America can lead the war. America cannot be led by Russia. Russia today have influence in the Middle East, in Egypt, in Saudi Arabia, in Germany, in Iran, in Iraq, in Syria, are we going to wait until it’s here?


AJ:     And you said this over a year ago, Colonel Salem, and now it’s all gotten more obvious and again it’s not that I’m against Russia, but the whole point is, why would…it’s one thing if the US pulled out influence wise but it actually backed the radical Al Qaeda, Al Nuzra groups that became ISIS in Syria. So it’s even worse. It’s not just pulling out, it’s putting bad guys in. I mean what Obama think, what did the CIA think, because we’ve had the military whistle-blowers on, CIA pilots on, we’ve had Colonel Schaffer on. One week after Benghazi happened, they said it was a weapons transfer up to those groups and now it’s been proven. But didn’t they know ISIS would turn against them? I guess you said it. Then when ISIS attacks us they think we’re so politically illiterate, they take our rights, like this congresswoman in Illinois says, take our guns because ISIS shot people. Well I mean they have a gun ban in France, how do you blame what happened in France on my guns?


ES:     Well this is one of the parlances Mr Obama is trying to do, he is trying to control everybody in America, taking your rights, taking your guns, taking, stripping you from your rights so he can control you. You cannot defend yourself, you cannot stand up for your rights and executive order, he has a phone and a pen. Unfortunately, he is using that very well to weaken America. If Mr Obama really loves the Syrian people, what did he do when the Syrian people got gassed by Mr Bashar Assad? What did he do about his red line to Mr Assad if he gassed his people? Why didn’t he take care of the Syrian people before they get smothered in their homeland to the point that they start to emigrate to Europe and to start to come to invade the Western world? He gave ISIS the time to grow up as much as he gave Iran the time by slacking and lacking on the deal he had done with them, which is a catastrophe to give Iran that power. And there he is giving them the time, giving them the money, the billions of dollars they are going to get it back. It’s going to go into terrorism again and all of that will work against America. I don’t know why, I don’t know what he is thinking.


AJ:     Alright, sir, stay there, we’re going to come back with two more short segments with you, the book ‘On the Run’, everyone should get it, it’s an incredible story of how he tried to stop it, even the FBI tried to stop it and they were ordered to stand down. They stopped a whole bunch of the bombings but not the one that almost took down the World Trade Centres. So a very, very important book for folks to read.



AJ:     We’re witnessing a treasonous policy so evil two years ago hundreds of commissioned and non-commissioned officers, as high up as colonels and captains in the navy, put out images of themselves on Facebook and Twitter holding up signs saying I will not be Al Qaeda’s air force in Syria. When our government was openly backing rebels that they knew were Al Qaeda and Colonel Schafer went and testified to congress, in closed session, in committee, we had him on about that, others did. So it was a great moral moment where our military said we’re not going to be part of this. But the public is ignorant because they’re not geopolitically informed. And what’s left of this segment next, we’re going to be talking to a man who is really a premier expert on this, talking about the Russian airliner downed, more on what ISIS is doing and where he thinks all this is going and ways to stop this.




ES:     On the Russian bombing, they finally uncovered that it was 2lb of explosives. Unfortunately, ISIS are playing a game here. I have been in Sharm el Sheik airport so many times and I know how secure that airport is. But unfortunately, I think that ISIS succeeded to recruit somebody who is carrying the luggage in the back of the plane in the cargo area and they succeeded to sneak the real bomb, not the one they put on their website. They succeeded to bring this plane down. It is the beginning of a new era for terrorism. Unfortunately today, they brought a Russian jet down and I don’t know what will happen tomorrow if we let these Syrian people who is bringing brought up with the idea…


AJ:     Stay there, back in 70 seconds colonel, with Dr Corsey.


And we are back live ladies and gentleman, final segment with Emad Salem, Emad Salem.org, barely got in here during the break out there, printing off articles, going over breaking news we’re going to be covering at the start of the next segment. Colonel, in the last four or five minutes we have left you have the floor to finish up, points and topics you’d like to relay with your incredible breadth and depth of knowledge. I can’t think of someone who can be more informed about what’s happening in Egypt, more informed about what’s happening in Syria. You got cut off pointing out that the Syrian people were ‘many of them ingrained with a very deep’ and then you got cut off.


ES:     Yes Sir, the Syrian refugees, most of them were brought up in a Middle Eastern controlled country by the ideology of hating the west, the west to them is the infidels, unfortunately. If we open up our doors to them instead of we go and securing our borders to prevent any trespassing on the American borders, we open the doors from the other side by Mr Obama’s decision to let them in. I just want to mention that what happened in Benghazi. Benghazi started from Egypt because at that time simultaneously, when the Benghazi attack was going on, the blind Sheikh’s children, which is Dr Abdullah, they were demonstrating and setting fire in the American embassy in Cairo. Our intelligence uncovered and intercepted some communications, it didn’t broadcast it at the time but has since disappeared, that they informed their followers in Benghazi to set a fire in it. That’s when we lost our ambassador. It started in Egypt, it ends up in Benghazi. It was a deal of weapons to these people who we aren’t even sure these weapons one day, if we give it to them, it will be used against us.


Unfortunately, we didn’t learn from our lesson when we allowed the blind Sheikh to enter the country and he turned against the country and ordered me to go build a bomb and blow up the World Trade Centre and build a bomb and go blow it in the army and 96th Street in Manhattan. So we need to understand that these people talk from both sides of their mouths. They might be saying yes we are coming to America because we love America but we have to really understand what are we doing, who are we letting in. I don’t think it’s a good idea. I don’t think it is safe for the American people to let these people grow and grow into our country at this time. We have to strengthen our military again. We have to start to lead, not to be led. And not to give time to ISIS to grow. What happened with what ISIS since they were the Jihadi team? We gave them the time to grow, now they are taking over Syria, they are taking over Iraq, they have been in Libya, they went back to Egypt. They are bombing everywhere, Paris, Germany, and now we want to bring them in. It just spells catastrophe.


AJ:     It does, Colonel Emad Salem, thank you for your courage, your amazing analysis. Emad Salem.org, folks get his book ‘On The Run’. Thank you so much, sir, for joining us today. Folks, you can find the book at Amazon.com as well, ‘On The Run’. Emad Salem, thank you and have a great weekend coming up.


ES:     Thank you Sir.


AJ:     We’ll be back with Dr Corsey. Dr Jerome Corsey joins us till about 33 after so, then we’re going to open the phones up specifically on what do you think Obama, and Merkel, and Hollande’s end game is bringing in millions in the case of Europe, hundreds of thousands in the case of the US, that’s the real number, of radicals, many of which do intend to engage in terror attacks. This is one of the craziest actions I’ve ever seen. I had a big whistle-blower on, a former Egyptian colonel, author of ‘On The Run’, Emad Salem on, he’s the guy that exposed and tried to stop the first World Trade Centre attack. He stopped five other attacks but the FBI was ordered to stand down. He was on saying he believes it will be another false flag. This is Obama’s false flag to bring these people in to then take our liberties. Now folks now I like Donald Trump, and Dr Jerome Corsey knows Donald Trump and has worked with him on a lot of big stories. I tell you Trump has come out and said surveillance state will combat Islam, in a Yahoo news interview. The interview is up on Infowars.com.


He says databases and special IDs will be issued, and he says folks aren’t going to like giving up their rights but basically you have to. No, you don’t let him bring the refugees in, you go after people with profiling for what they’ve committed or who they’re affiliated with. You don’t go after the entire public. That is not the answer. In fact I’ve had former head of technical from the NSA in this studio and he said more data swamps everything, they need targeted. But see that doesn’t let them spend tens of billions a year on no bid contracts. There’s another article out today about this from RT USA, leaked NSA doc reveals sheer luck needed to find useful info in sea of surveillance data. Well I have that from Thomas Drake, William Benning, you name it.


Now of course Dr Jerome Corsey is World Net Daily.com, WND.com writer. He’s a PHD from Harvard University in political science. He’s also an economist and worked for some of the biggest banks out there. He’s worked as a consultant in terrorism, in secretive operations for the state department and of course he’s the guy that ran the Swift boating operation, which was accurate, I commend him, I don’t even like George Bush. John Kerry is, who they say John Kerry was, total fraud. And he’s also written many other best-selling books, and number one New York Times bestselling books, jeromecorsey.com. So Dr Corsey, this is even getting too crazy for me to believe. I’ve had reporters in France all week, we see attacks in the US like at Fort Hood, and the army, navy, marine corps recruiting centres not being called terror. The Garland attack not being called terror. The best that I can tell from talking to you, talking to Emad Salem and many others, Obama’s gotten in over his head, he’s being blackmailed through Benghazi, probably blackmailed by the Saudis, by the Turks.


Merkel Covered Up Terror Attack at Soccer Stadium.

Für deutsche Staatsmedien ist am islamistischen Terror nicht der Islam, sondern die Arbeitslosgkeit schuld.


Kaum haben BILD und FAZ eine Geschichte aufgegriffen, die gestern auf der achse stand, hat das ZDF den Beitrag über die Ursachen des Terrors in Paris aus der Mediathek entfernt. Was da ausgerechnet im Kinderprogramm geboten wurde, ist vorher keinem der vielen ZDF-Kommissare aufgefallen. Wir wollen ihnen zugute halten, dass sie lieber RTL2 schauen als das eigene Programm. Allerdings, der nicht minder bescheuerte Beitrag über “die Gruppe” Boko Haram, deren Treiben mit dem Islam “nichts zu tun” hat, ist noch immer online. Und das ist auch gut so. Auf dem Lerchenberg hat man nämlich mit Journalismus “nichts zu tun” und pflegt lieber die hauseigene verlogene “Fehlerkultur”.


Die Menschen sind oft arbeitslos und wissen nicht was sie tun sollen und das macht sie wütend. Und wenn sie wütend werden, dann morden sie, ist doch logo.

Damals war Frankreich mehr als das Land, das wir auf der Karte sehen. Es war eine Art Weltreich. Dazu gehörte auch der größte Teil Nord- und Westafrikas. Die meisten Menschen dort haben die Religion Islam. Frankreich hatte diese Länder einfach mit seiner starken Armee besetzt und zu seinem Besitz erklärt. Das nennt man Kolonie. Die Franzosen nahmen sich in den Kolonnen, was sie brauchen konnten, und die Bevölkerung wurde immer ärmer. Später kämpften die Kolonien nach und nach für ihre Unabhängigkeit und versuchten, die französischen Herrscher wieder loszuwerden.

Die versuchten, das zu verhindern. Es kam zu langen Kriegen, bei denen sehr viele Menschen starben. Heute hat Frankreich keine Kolonien mehr. Aber viele Menschen aus den ehemaligen Kolonien sind nach Frankreich gezogen in der Hoffnung auf ein besseres Leben. Die meisten von ihnen leben dort heute in Armenvierteln an den Rändern der Großstädte. Sie sind oft arbeitslos und wissen nicht was sie tun sollen und das macht sie wütend.

Als einzige Hoffnung bleibt ihnen nur ihre Religion, meist der Islam. Dazu kommt die Erinnerung an das, was die Franzosen früher in den Kolonien, also ihren Heimatländern, Schreckliches gemacht haben. Bei manchen geht die Wut so weit, dass sie im Namen ihrer Religion gewalttätig werden. In keinem anderen Land schließen sich so viele der Terrorgruppe „Islamischer Staat“ an wie in Frankreich. Diese Gruppe bekämpft alle, die anders denken als sie, oft mit brutaler Gewalt, und eben auch in Frankreich. Hier


ZDF: Auch Boko Haram hat mit dem Islam nichts zu tun

Henryk M. Broder 19.11.2015

ZDF: Auch Boko Haram hat mit dem Islam nichts zu tun


“Die Boko Haram ist eine Gruppe von Terroristen. Ihr Name heisst übersetzt so viel wie: Westliche Bildung ist Sünde. Die Boko Haram will, dass Kinder in Schulen vor allem nach sehr strikten Regeln des Islam erzogen werden. Menschen, die sich nicht an die strengen Regeln des Islam halten oder eine andere Religion haben, bekämpft die Terror-Gruppe mit Gewalt. Aber: Mit der Religion Islam haben die Terroranschläge der Boko Haram nichts zu tun…”

Wo kommt dieser Dünnschiss, diese Verspottung aller Logik her? Natürlich aus dem ZDF, der Endlagerstätte der deutschen Erziehung, auf dem Mainzer Lerchenberg. Genauer: Aus der Nachrichtensendung für Kinder, Logo im Tivi.. Los geht es mit der Feststellung, in Nigeria käme es immer wieder zu Attacken auf Schulen. Und: “Die Gruppe, die dafür verantwortlich sein soll heißt Boko Haram.” Gruppe klingt schon mal viel besser als Bande, und weil man beim ZDF nicht riskieren möchte, dass Boko Haram eine EV wegen übler Nachrede erwirkt, ist die “Gruppe” nicht für die Überfälle auf Schulen verantwortlich, sie könnte es nur sein. Also, für alle, die noch nie einen Handkäs mit Musik gegessen haben, ganz langsam und zum Mitschreiben. Boko Haram will, dass Kinder in den Schulen nach den strikten Regeln des Islam erzogen werden; Boko Haram bekämpft alle, die sich nicht an die strengen Regeln des Islam halten oder eine andere Religion haben, mit Gewalt. Aber: Mit dem Islam hat das alles nichts zu tun.

Womit dann, Ihr Riesenzwerge? Haben die Boko-Haram-Leute zu heiß gebadet, zu viel Todenhöfer gelesen oder zu oft “Aspekte” gesehen? Fehlt nur noch, dass den kleinen ZDF-Junkies gesagt wird, die Boko-Haram-Gruppe bestehe aus lauter Verzweifelten, deren einzige Hoffnung die Religion sei. Aber das geht nicht, das Argument ist schon verbraucht. Hier

ZDF: Auch Boko Haram hat mit dem Islam nichts zu tun

The Alex Jones Show. US admits: Impossible to vet Refugees with any certainty




On this live Wednesday, November 18 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Infowars reporters Joe Biggs and Michael Zimmerman are in Belgium and France to document the growth of ISIS in Europe. Recently they were chased out of a Muslim ghetto in Brussels. Also, Lord Christopher Monckton discusses the various methods the global elite are using to destroy nation-states to consolidate their control over the world population. We also report on the nearly 70 „Syrian refugees“ who were arrested in the U.S. on terrorism charges. Obama, however, wants to bring in even more migrants. You don’t want to miss today’s show!

Die Bedrohung Deutschlands geht von Merkel aus


Niemand wird je sagen können, was geschehen wäre, wäre das Testspiel zwischen der holländischen und der deutschen Nationalmannschaft gestern Abend nicht in letzter Minute abgesagt worden. Darüber zu spekulieren bringt wenig. Es nützt nichts, sich im Nachhinein zu gruseln, Kerzen anzünden und einander bei den Händen zu fassen. Fragen muss man sich vielmehr, wie konnte es soweit kommen, dass Schreckliches hätte passieren können, wie weit haben sich die Veranstalter und das politische Establishment zu Handlagern fanatisierter Gotteskrieger gemacht.

Denn es gibt nichts, aber auch gar nichts, was die am Sonntag zuvor gefällte Entscheidung, das Spiel stattfinden zu lassen, rechtfertigen würde. Wer immer es als ein „Zeichen der Solidarität mit Frankreich“ oder gar als eine „Demonstration der Freiheit“ zu verkaufen suchte, handelte verantwortungslos – skrupellos im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes.

Natürlich können die Fußballer als Sportler machen, was sie wollen, spielen oder nicht spielen. Ihre Wahrheit liegt allemal auf dem Platz. Dessen waren sich die Kicker auch vor den Ereignissen in Hannover bewusst, sogar mehr als die Öffentlichkeit wahrhaben wollte. Spontan lehnten sie es zunächst ab, vier Tage nach den Pariser Attentaten gleich wieder anzutreten. Schließlich seien sie „keine Maschinen“, die sich nach Belieben einsetzen ließen. Die Funktionäre sahen das anders.

Für die Gurkentruppe des DFB bot sich die Chance, ihren ramponierten Ruf aufzubessern. Statt von Bestechung und schwarzen Kassen, sollte wieder einmal von der Frieden stiftenden Rollen des Fußballs die Rede sein.

Ein Steilvorlage aus Frankfurt, die man in Berlin reaktionsschnell zum Tor verwandeln wollte. Auch die Bundesregierung zeigte sofort propagandistisch Flagge im Kampf gegen den IS. Mutig entschloss sie sich, zum Fußball zu gehen, das Spiel zur Chefsache zu erheben. Mit drei Ministern, mit Sigmar Gabriel, Heiko Maas und Thomas de Maizière im Schlepptau, machte sich die Bundeskanzlerin am Dienstag auf den Weg in die niedersächsische Hauptstadt. Das Volk war darüber zuvor ausgiebig unterrichtet worden. Jeder sollte wissen, dass „Sie“ dabei ist.

Nun mag es durchaus sein, dass sich Angela Merkel als bekennender Fan ganz persönlich etwas von dem Spiel verspracg, vielleicht sogar eine Stärkung der Geisteskraft. Allerdings hätte sie dann ebenso privat nach Hannover fahren können. Ein Weg, sie unerkannt einzuschleusen und verschleiert auf der Tribüne zu platzieren, hätte sich sicher gefunden.

Doch die Bundeskanzlerin wollte mehr, abermals als Friedensstifterin vor der Weltöffentlichkeit glänzen. Der Fußball, der Deutschen beliebteste Gladiatoren-Veranstaltung, war das gesuchte Mittel, um die sinkenden Werte ihrer Beliebtheit aufzubessern. Mit dem Gespür für den populistisch wirksamen Event hat sie das an sich belanglose Fußballspiel zu einer politischen Demonstration aufgeblasen und damit die Bühne bereitet für den nächsten Auftritt der Terroristen vor großem Publikum. Die potentiellen Attentäter durften sich förmlich eingeladen fühlen, in Deutschland zu vollenden, was sie schon in Frankreich inszenieren wollen: Willkommenskultur für den IS.

Nachdem sie gerade erst in Paris gezeigt hatten, dass die vollbesetzten Fußballarenen zu ihren bevorzugten Angriffszielen gehören, war die politische Entscheidung für das Spiel in Hannover eine Ausgeburt des puren Wahnsinns. Ein weiterer Beleg für den Realitätsverlust einer Bundesregierung, die schon lange nicht mehr im Dienst des Volkes steht, auf dessen Rechnung sie handelt. Wo immer sich die Gelegenheit bietet, mit massenwirksamen Aktivismus zu punkten, den Bürgern Sand in die Augen zu streuen, wird gegebenenfalls auch die Sicherheit des Landes aufs Spiel gesetzt, wie wir nun wissen.

Sicher, in London endete am selben Abend das Spiel zwischen England und Frankreich ohne Zwischenfälle. Allein, was ändert dieser glückliche Ausgang an der Gefahrenlage hierzulande? Schließlich musste jedem von Anfang an klar sein, dass es bei dem Fußballereignis in Hannover auf ein Spiel mit dem Feuer hinauslaufen würde. Dass dies dann noch als Akt der Zivilcourage gegenüber dem Islamischen Staat bemäntelt wurde, setzt dem Ganzen die Krone auf. Scheinheiligkeit im fortgeschrittenen Stadium!

Bestenfalls könnte man die vorgeschützte Verteidigung „unserer westlichen Werte“ auf dem Rasen noch als die läppische Tarnung einer Angst verstehen, die doch nur das befürchtete Elend heraufbeschwört. Ein Signal der Stärke, das die gewalttätigen Feinde der aufgeklärten Welt davon abhalten könnte, uns weiterhin mit Bomben und Kalaschnikows anzugreifen, wird so bestimmt nicht ausgesendet. Im Gegenteil, eine Gesellschaft deren Widerstandskraft sich darin erschöpft, sich trotz allem, ungeachtet der Toten und Verwundeten in Paris, den Spaß am Fußball nicht verderben zu lassen, heizt die Aggression der Blindwütigen nur weiter an.

Um das zu verstehen, braucht es keine tieferen psychologischen Einsichten. Man muss nur einen Blick in die Geschichtsbücher werfen. Noch nie ist es einer Kultur gelungen, sich mit vorauseilendem Gehorsam gegen den Ansturm der Barbaren zu behaupten. So viel historisches Verständnis sollten wir selbst von einer Physikerin erwarten dürfen. Dass sie es nicht aufbringen will, mag sich ideologischer Verblendung, ihrer kommunistischen Sozialisation verdanken. Erklären würde dies manches, entschuldigen nichts.  Gefährdet das intellektuelle Unvermögen, die offensichtliche Unbildung der Bundeskanzlerin doch zusehends unserer aller Zukunft.

Weil sie von der Geschichte nichts versteht, statt dessen am Gängelband des Zeitgeistes geht, handelt sie zunehmend als Getriebene, nach Wahnvorstellungen, heute so und morgen wieder ganz anders, je nachdem, wie es der Erhalt der Macht verlangt. Dafür gibt sie dann schon mal den Fußball-Fan, terroristisches Risiko hin oder her. Immerhin hätte, wenn es gut gegangen wäre, ein erneuter Fototermin mit den halb nackten Spielern in der Kabine herausspringen können. Titelbilder für die bunten Blätter einer hedonistisch verblödeten Konsumgesellschaft.

Nein, wir müssen nicht darüber nachdenken, was gestern Abend alles hätte passieren können, vielmehr sollten wir uns fragen, wozu die Merkel-geführte Bundesrepublik noch fähig sein könnte, wenn sie länger im Amt bleibt. Schon heute geht die Bedrohung Deutschlands nicht zuletzt von Berlin aus. Erst hat die totale Grenzöffnung dazu geführt, dass Hunderttausende unkontrolliert einreisen konnten, nicht selten mit gefälschten, gekauften oder ganz ohne Pässe. Selbst ein Waffentransport rollte vor zwei Wochen anstandslos über die Grenze; bloß der Zufall einer Verkehrskontrolle brachte das Unglaubliche nachher an den Tag. Und nun sollte es auch noch ein Fußballspiel für den Frieden mit unabsehbaren Risiken geben.

Nur wer die Bürger für dumm verkaufen will, kann angesichts dieser Tatsachen behaupten, die „Flüchtlingskrise“ haben nichts mit der Zunahme terroristischer Bedrohung zu tun. Wie, fragen wir uns, kommt eine Bundesregierung, die nicht einmal mehr überblickt, wen sie einwandern lässt, zu solchen Feststellungen? Liest sie das aus dem Kaffeesatz? Wir wissen es nicht.

Feststeht lediglich: Die Lage ist so ernst wie lange nicht. Gefahr droht von oben. Unsere legitimen Sicherheitsinteressen verlangten die Überwachung der Bundesregierung. Verkehrte Welt, Deutschland 2015.


The Alex Jones Show Reporters Inside ISIS Command Base – Europe


On this Tuesday, November 17 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we continue our coverage of the terror in Paris and examine the true origins of the attacks and delve into new details on the suspected mastermind who was known to intelligence. We also take a look at the consequences for liberty and freedom as the old 9/11 specter of throwing the Constitution in the deep freeze surfaces once again and the prospect of a larger war as strikes on ISIS intensify. On today’s worldwide broadcast we talk with Joel Gilbert about publicity on Ben Carson’s bio vs. Obama’s background and how the media are still avoiding it. We also talk with Steve Quayle and Steve Pieczenik about the Paris attacks and what we can expect next.



Obama Has Blood On His Hands For Funding ISIS Terrorists


Monday: The Alex Jones Show. New Developments Surface In Paris Attacks

Date: 11/16/2015


On this Monday, November 16 transmission of the Alex Jones Show, the terrorist attacks in Paris, which left over 120 people dead, spur several US states to refuse the acceptance of Syrian refugees, as a new ISIS video threatens a direct attack on Washington D.C. Meanwhile, social justice warriors and Black Lives Matter activists in the US grow upset the attacks have overshadowed their movement in terms of media coverage. Reporters Paul Joseph Watson and Joe Biggs check in with the latest updates direct from Paris. On today’s show, editor and author Charles Arthur breaks down the AI takeover threatening jobs across the globe. We’ll also take your calls on this worldwide broadcast. – Watch now


Merkel hat ca. 30.000 Terroristen des Islamischen Staates nach Deutschland geholt

Stefan Frank


Diesmal gab es kein „Wir schaffen das“. Doch dafür hatte Bundeskanzlerin Merkel nach dem Sturm des Dschihad auf Paris eine andere Botschaft für das französische Volk: „Wir weinen mit Ihnen.“ Worte, die in die Geschichte eingehen werden wie Roosevelts „a date which will live in infamy“. Dass Merkel mit ihnen weint, wird nicht nur den Franzosen Halt geben, sondern auch die Deutschen moralisch aufrichten und stärken, denen ja, wie der Islamische Staat durch die Wahl seines Ziels – am Rande des Freundschaftsspiels Frankreich-Deutschland – und die vorangegangene Bombendrohung gegen das Hotel der deutschen Nationalmannschaft hinreichend klar gemacht hat, die nächsten Terroranschläge gelten werden. Tränen lügen nicht.

Merkel ist nicht der erste Mensch an der Spitze eines Staates, der sich einem bösartigen Feind gegenüber sieht, den niederzuringen alle Kräfte der Nation erfordert. Sie dürfte aber die Erste sein, die glaubt, ihn durch Weinen zu bezwingen. Als Winston Churchill sich am 13. Mai 1940, drei Tage nach seinem Amtsantritt, an das britische Unterhaus wandte, um dessen Unterstützung für den Krieg gegen Deutschland zu ersuchen, sagte er, er wolle eine Regierung bilden, „die den vereinten und unbiegsamen Entschluss der Nation“ verkörpere, „den Krieg mit Deutschland zu einem siegreichen Ende zu führen.“ Und weiter: „Ich sage zu diesem Haus dasselbe, was ich zu denen gesagt habe, die der Regierung beigetreten sind: ‚Ich habe nichts zu bieten außer Blut, Mühsal, Tränen und Schweiß’.“

Ist es unfair, die Vermutung aufzustellen, Churchills Rede wäre eine Spur weniger überzeugend gewesen, wenn er einfach nur gesagt hätte: „Ich habe nichts zu bieten außer Tränen“? Dass Merkel nicht wie Churchill ist – wer ist das schon? –, ist freilich noch das geringste unserer Probleme. Sehr viel schwerer wiegt der schiere Umstand, dass heute, da die Europäer sich in einem Krieg befinden, der auf ihre Vernichtung zielt, Deutschland und Europa von einer Person geführt werden, deren Zurechnungsfähigkeit ernsthaft in Frage steht. Das fällt selbst dem Ausland auf. In einem am 26. Oktober in der Londoner Financial Times veröffentlichten Leitartikel mit dem Titel “Das Ende der Ära Merkel ist in Sicht”, schreibt Gideon Rachman: „Einige Wähler haben offenbar die Schlussfolgerung gezogen, dass Mutti verrückt geworden ist – Deutschlands Grenzen weit auf zu machen für alle mit Mühsal Beladenen dieser Welt.”

Und weit auf zu machen, muss man hinzufügen, für alle Terroristen. Davor hatte uns ja der libanesische Bildungsminister Elias Bou Saab gewarnt: Nach Erkenntnissen der libanesischen Regierung seien zwei Prozent der 1,1 Millionen Bewohner libanesischer Flüchtlingslager Terroristen des Islamischen Staates, sagte er im September, und fügte hinzu, dass diese wahrscheinlich auf dem Weg nach Europa seien: „Mein Bauchgefühl sagt mir, dass sie [der Islamische Staat] solch eine Operation durchführen. Nach Europa und in andere Länder gehen.“ (1)

Selbstverständlich tun sie das. Was hätte den Islamischen Staat in Abwesenheit jeglicher Grenzkontrollen daran hindern sollen, kriegserprobte Selbstmordkommandos nach Europa zu bringen, um in Großstädten Massaker zu verüben? Niemand hat geglaubt, dass sie das nicht tun werden – niemand außer denen, die die Macht im Staat haben, natürlich: „Die Mär vom eingeschlichenen Terroristen“, betitelte die Münchener Prawda am 15. Oktober einen Beitrag, in dem sie die wissenschaftliche Hypothese verbreitete, Terroristen würden sich am effektivsten durch offene Grenzen abschrecken lassen – insbesondere dann, wenn es Busse gibt, die sie direkt zum Ziel ihrer Anschläge fahren.

Nun heißt es, mindestens zwei der Pariser Attentäter seien als „Flüchtlinge“ über Griechenland eingereist. Wer hätte das gedacht? Im Bundeskanzleramt und in den Redaktionen von Deutschlands halbamtlichen Zeitungen ist man sicherlich aus allen Wolken gefallen. „Hast du schon gehört, Peter, unter den Millionen, die unkontrolliert über die offenen Grenzen gekommen sind, waren doch Terroristen“– „Na, da brat’ mir doch einer `nen Storch!“ Man kann sich lebhaft vorstellen, wie bei der „Süddeutschen“ und anderswo die Telefone klingeln, lauter kritische Leser, die nun bohrende Fragen stellen.

Doch fokussieren wir uns nicht auf einzelne Personen. Ja, Merkel mag 30.000 Terroristen des Islamischen Staates nach Deutschland geholt haben, die demnächst Amok laufen werden, aber warum soll man jetzt auf diesem Fehler herumreiten? Schwamm drüber, vergessen und verziehen. Statt uns mit individuellen Verfehlungen zu beschäftigen, sollten wir die moralische Krise in den Blick nehmen, die seit vielen Jahrzehnten andauert und die ganze Welt betrifft.

Als erstes ist hier zu nennen, dass die Vereinten Nationen niemals definiert haben, was Terrorismus ist. Das war ihnen wohl zu schwierig, vor allem, da die meisten Mitgliedsstaaten Terroristen wie die der PLO immer gefördert haben. Man kann die Bilder des heutigen Terrors nicht lösen von dem Bild Arafats, wie er im November 1974 in der Generalversammlung der Vereinten Nationen redet, frenetisch gefeiert, mit einem Pistolenholster am Gürtel. Zwei Jahre zuvor hatten Mitglieder von Arafats Fatah in München elf israelische Leichtathleten ermordet.

Nur sechs Monate vor seiner Rede, im Mai 1974, hatten Mitglieder der zur PLO gehörenden DFLP in der nordisraelischen Stadt Ma’alot eine Schule überfallen, die Schüler als Geiseln genommen und 26 Menschen – darunter 21 Kinder – getötet. Sieben Monate zuvor, im April 1974, hatten Mitglieder der ebenfalls zu Arafats PLO gehörenden PFLP ein Apartmentgebäude in Kiryat Shmona besetzt, elf Bewohner erschossen und sich dann in die Luft gesprengt. Die Liste könnte weiter und weiter gehen, Arafats Blutspur war schon damals lang. Und doch – oder gerade deshalb – bejubelten ihn die Vereinten Nationen, jene Staatenorganisation, die ins Leben gerufen worden war, um allem Krieg ein Ende zu bereiten.

Statt den Terrorismus zu verurteilen, feierten sie ihn. In unzähligen UN-Resolution heißt es, die „zugrunde liegenden Ursachen“ des Terrorismus seien „Elend, Frustration, Missstände und Verzweiflung, die manche Leute dazu bewegen, Leben zu opfern, darunter ihr eigenes.“ Für die Opfer des Terrorismus bedeutete das, zum Schaden den Spott zu fügen: Wenn jemand dich ermorden will, hast du ihn wohl frustriert. Für die Täter war die Formel ein Ritterschlag: Wer Bomben legt, hat ein ehrenwertes Anliegen, ist eine Art Mutter Teresa mit anderen Mitteln. Damit wurde jeder Terroranschlag zu einer Petition an die UNO und die Regierungen der Welt, die Opfer zu verurteilen. Und das haben sie dann ja auch zuverlässig getan. Sie haben die Mörder gefeiert, die Opfer schikaniert. Die Vereinten Nationen wurden zu einem Lynchmob. (2)

Frankreich, das muss man leider sagen, hat dabei eine unrühmliche Rolle gespielt. De Gaulle fasste den Entschluss, sich auf die Seite des Stärkeren zu stellen: „Die Araber haben die Bevölkerungszahl, die Fläche und die Zeit auf ihrer Seite“, sagte er. Unter Präsident Giscard d’Estaing eröffnete die PLO ein Büro in Paris. Dass Ägypten mit Israel Frieden schloss, widerte d’Estaing an. Darin stimmte er mit Ajatollah Khomeini überein, der sein Gast war und von Paris aus den Umsturz im Iran plante. Und Jacques Chirac war nicht nur ein lebenslanger Freund Arafats (manche Journalisten nannten Paris die Hauptstadt Palästinas), sondern auch eng vertraut mit vielen arabischen Despoten. 1974 reiste er als Ministerpräsident nach Bagdad und traf dort Saddam Hussein, damals der zweitmächtigste Mann im Irak. Die beiden verhandelten über die Lieferung jenes französischen Atomreaktors, den Israel dann 1981 zerstören musste.

Kurz: Frankreich war jahrzehntelang immer wieder ein Förderer des arabischen Terrorismus. Stets war Paris dagegen, die Hisbollah als Terrororganisation einzustufen, und das, obwohl diese mutmaßlich 1983 den Anschlag in Beirut durchgeführt hatte, bei dem 58 französische Soldaten getötet worden waren (bis zum 13. November 2015 war dies der schwerste Terroranschlag der französischen Nachkriegsgeschichte).

Ergibt das alles einen Sinn? Nur, wenn man es mit de Gaulles Logik betrachtet: Wir dürfen uns nicht mit der muslimischen Welt anlegen, denn sie ist stärker. Es ist die Dhimmi-Logik. Verstecken, wegducken, kleinmachen. Und mitmachen, wenn die Starken dieser Welt auf das kleine Israel eindreschen. Wie in der Schulklasse, wo jeder den Außenseiter hänselt, weil er zu den Etablierten gehören will, und alles tut, um nicht mit dem Ausgestoßenen in Verbindung gebracht zu werden.

Das betrifft ganz Europa. In den Siebziger Jahren finanzierte die PLO ihren Terror vor allem mit Schutzgeld, das staatliche europäische Fluggesellschaften ihr zahlten, damit diese sie bei ihren Anschlägen verschonte. In ihrem Buch „Europa und das kommende Kalifat“ beschreibt Bat Ye’or, wie die italienische Regierung es in den Siebziger Jahren erlaubte, dass arabische Terroristen Waffen durch Italien transportierten und sogar Anschläge auf Juden verüben durften; das einzige, was sie erbat, war, dass keine Nichtjuden getötet werden dürften – eine ungewollte Begleiterscheinung des Pakts war die versehentliche Sprengung des Bahnhofs von Bologna im Juli 1980. Francesco Cossiga, der ehemalige Staatspräsident, der im Lauf seines Lebens viele hohe Regierungsämter bekleidet hatte, hat es 2008 in einem Interview mit „Corriere della Sera“ ans Licht gebracht. Darin, so Bat Ye’or, „zitiert er die Vereinbarung aus den frühen 1970er Jahren, die zwischen Ministerpräsident Aldo Moro und Arafat … getroffen wurde. Danach konnten die palästinensischen Terroristen nach Belieben kommen und gehen, unter dem Schutz des Geheimdienstes im Lande umherreisen, Stützpunkte und Waffenlager anlegen – mit der Gegenzusage, Italiens innere und äußere Interessen ungeschoren zu lassen. …

Dabei enthüllte Cossiga, dass sich der vereinbarte Schutz keineswegs auf die italienischen Juden erstreckte. Am 9. Oktober 1982 eröffneten sechs Terroristen das Feuer auf Angehörige der Gemeinde von Rom, als sie die Große Synagoge verließen. Dutzende von Juden wurden verletzt und Stefano Taché, ein zweijähriges Kind, getötet. Dabei waren schon einige Stunden vor dem Angriff die vor der Synagoge postierten italienischen Polizisten verschwunden. Erstmals gab Cossiga zu, dass die Explosion im Bahnhof von Bologna im Juli 1980, die 85 Menschen tötete und 200 verletzte, von Terroristen der PFLP, der mit der PLO verbundenen Organisation des George Habash, verübt worden war. Wie er weiter ausführte, sollte die Bombe, die unbeabsichtigt im Gepäckbereich explodierte, keine Nichtjuden töten. Seinerzeit Ministerpräsident, hatte Cossiga die Palästinenser entlastet, indem er die Tat den Neofaschisten in die Schuhe schob. In einem Interview mit dem Rom-Korrespondenten des Yediot Ahronot räumte Cossiga sogar ein, dass die italienische Regierung Angriffe auf israelische und jüdische Ziele duldete und die Terroristen trotz der hohen Opferzahlen fortwährend schützte.“ (3)

Arabische Terroristen fördern und Israel schikanieren, damit Europa verschont bleibt, das war die Logik. Doch die Bibel sagt: „Wer eine Grube gräbt, der wird hineinfallen; und wer einen Stein wälzt, auf den wird er zurückkommen.“ (Sprüche 26, 27). Europa wollte, dass der Terrorismus sich nur gegen Israel richtet und einen Bogen um Europa macht. Stattdessen ist Israel heute wahrscheinlich sicherer.

Nicht in Israel, sondern in Europa wütet jetzt das, was der aus dem Libanon stammende Amerikaner Walid Phares, der wie kein anderer den islamischen Terrorismus versteht, schon vor einem Jahrzehnt den „urban jihad“ nannte: Mit Sturmgewehren, Sprengstoff, Granaten und Aufputschmitteln ausgestattete Terroristen greifen zeitgleich an verschiedenen Orten einer Metropole an und ermorden innerhalb weniger Stunden die größtmögliche Zahl von Zivilisten. Der Terror von Mumbai am 26. November 2008 war die Blaupause dafür. Diese Art von Terrorismus wird Europa noch oft erwischen. Er ist das Ergebnis einer moralischen Krise, die dazu geführt hat, dass Europas Politikern die Fähigkeit abhanden gekommen ist, Gut und Böse zu unterscheiden und Bedrohungen unseres Lebens und unserer Freiheit zu identifizieren. In Teheran und Ankara werfen sich Steinmeier und Merkel in den Staub vor den Drahtziehern des Terrorismus – des schiitischen und des sunnitischen.

Der Weg, den Terror zu bekämpfen, ist eine moralische Umkehr. Wir müssen lernen zu erkennen, wer Freund und wer Feind ist, und diejenigen unterstützen, die den Terror bekämpfen: die Regierungen Israels, Ägyptens, Kenias, Äthiopiens und des Tschad. Der Tschad ist ein kleines und armes Land, dessen tapfere Bevölkerung vor 30 Jahren die mit sowjetischen Panzern ausgerüstete Legion Gaddafis in die Flucht geschlagen hat. Heute hat es den muslimischen Terroristen von Boko Haram den Krieg erklärt, die sich mit Massakern an der Zivilbevölkerung rächen. Erhält es militärische Hilfe aus Europa? Nein. Oder nehmen wir die Kurden: Überall in Syrien und dem Irak, wo sie kämpfen, besiegen sie den Islamischen Staat. Soeben haben sie Shingal befreit, die Stadt, in der der Islamische Staat vor einem Jahr den Völkermord an den Jesiden verübt hat. Die Kurden sind nur wenige Kilometer von den beiden Machtzentren des IS, Rakka und Mossul, entfernt. Mit westlicher Hilfe könnten sie dort einmarschieren und so den IS de facto vernichten. Dafür aber brauchen sie Panzer. Deutschland hat Panzer. Worauf warten wir?

Dass der Westen die Unabhängigkeit Kurdistans unterstützen muss, sollte sich von selbst verstehen. Die Kurden sind die einzigen in der Region, die Frauen- und Minderheitenrechte respektieren. Doch aufgrund eines Mangels an moralischer Klarheit sieht der deutsche Außenminister in den kurdischen Autonomiebestrebungen eine „Bedrohung der Stabilität“ (welche Stabilität mag er meinen?), während er einen von Terroristen bewohnten Staat „Palästina“, der im Falle eines israelischen Rückzugs sofort vom IS annektiert würde, nicht nur für eine Bereicherung, sondern für unverzichtbar hält. Die Wirklichkeit steht bei Steinmeier kopf.

Eigentlich ist es einfach: Wer für die Freiheit ist, der muss die Freunde der Freiheit stärken und den Feinden Angst einjagen. Doch Obama und Europas Linksregierungen tun stets das Gegenteil. Diese psychisch-moralische Schwäche ist die Ursache aller Probleme. Sie ist ein kulturelles Problem: Seit den späten Sechziger Jahren galt es unter westlichen Intellektuellen als schick, Tyrannen zu verklären und zu romantisieren. Man denke an Noam Chomsky, der Pol Pot und die Roten Khmer verteidigte, oder an Richard Falk, der 1979 in der „New York Times“ über Khomeini schrieb: „Die Schilderungen, die ihn als fanatisch, reaktionär und als Träger von kruden Vorurteilen beschreiben, sind sicherlich und glücklicherweise falsch. Es ist zudem ermutigend, dass der Kreis seiner engen Berater durchgängig aus moderaten und progressiven Individuen zu bestehen scheint.“

Diese moralische Blindheit können wir uns nicht länger erlauben, wenn wir überleben wollen. Wir müssen aufhören, mit Tyrannen und Terroristen zu kuscheln. Was uns bevorsteht, ist in dem Film „Terminator“ von 1984 passend beschrieben: „Hör zu und begreif das: Dieser Terminator ist da draußen. Man kann nicht mit ihm verhandeln. Man kann nicht an seine Vernunft appellieren. Er fühlt kein Mitleid oder Bedauern oder Furcht. Und er wird unter keinen Umständen stoppen, niemals, bis du tot bist.“
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