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Murat Altuglu


In one of my classes, I teach how the masses are manipulated and directed through propaganda. There are excellent studies for this, such as Walter Lippmann’s Public Opinion, Edward Bernays’ Propaganda, as Jacques Ellul’s work with the same title. For a concrete example for how the misleading of the public works, one just has to look at the German mainstream media.

This week, a climate conference began in Paris. You probably have heard about it in the news. This event is of course a golden opportunity for the leftist media to scare the folks out there with climate change. Simple minded propaganda, of course. But it works.

Take this: The anchor informs the viewer that the folks gathering in Paris want to reduce the emission of so called greenhouse gases, to prevent global warming. Then he goes on to read from the prompter that the “immediate effects” of CO2 emission can be “directly felt” in Beijing. “With the approach of winter, air pollution has increased dramatically.”

Then, the viewers see a news clip of the dystopian smog in Beijing, which blackens out the sun at noontime. People are shown who suffer under the horrendous air pollution. And why do people suffer? Why is the viewer (ie. the German voter) scared into supporting a policy that is allegedly protecting him from a future as it is graphically depicted to him on the TV screen?

The answer is simple, and it is given to the viewer several times in the news-reel. Carbon dioxide is the culprit. The subliminal message is to continue to support a policy that lowers his standard of life, costs him his hard earned money, and transfers wealth from the developed countries to the Third World. Ergo, continue to support the “Mutti,” aka Angela Merkel and her policy.

This is clearly terrible. And this is clearly fooling the German viewer, who has to pay for this propagandist junk eight billion Euros a year, too. Thus injury is added to insult, to redesign a metaphor.

The perversity of this propaganda newsreel is that CO2 is not only not a pollutant, as the viewers are made to believe, but CO2 is as important to life on earth as is oxygen. It is a clean as oxygen. CO2 is necessary for photosynthesis and plant growth. (Which increases due to the higher saturation of air with CO2.) Without CO2, there would be no Chinese that would be bothered by smog in the first place.

Even if – for argument’s sake – the CO2 concentration in the air would be three times as high in Beijing (thus 1200ppm instead of 400ppm), it would have no effect on air pollution. It is simply idiotic to conjoin CO2 with air pollution. Air pollution are harmful micro particulates that kill indeed. But CO2 has no effect on the human body in the concentration mentioned above. One breaths it in, and then out. A reader can correct me if I am wrong.

On the contrary. CO2 at these levels is an immense booster for plant growth. If indeed, such concentration levels would be reached, the planet would be greener! But to manipulate the viewer, scare tactics have to be used. Since the climate conference will not reduce air pollution anywhere on earth by one harmful – truly harmful and not in the imaginary world of the German media – pollutant, the pseudo-journalists simply make it up.

The lack of intellectual rigor and want of knowledge evident among people who have an important and responsible task – the informing of the masses, ie. the voters – is simply flabbergasting.



Do you think Global Warming will destroy the planet? Lets take a closer look at the facts.

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The attempts of environmentalists to bolster the myth of human-induced global warming is downright immoral. Philip Stott, Professor of Biogeography, University of London

Most geologists think the world is growing warmer, and that it will continue to get warmer. L.A. Times 1929


The Sun, Water vapor, Earth’s orbit, Volcanoes, Interstellar clouds, Cosmic rays, Tectonic plates, Land use, CO2, Sunspots, Gravitational pulls, Ocean currents and Solar flares. Imagine each one of these as a 100,000 piece puzzle and mix them all together. Now randomly take out 1/4 of all the pieces and try to put it together. This represents our world and its environment.

Global Warming Lies was created because when you do an internet search on global warming 99% of what you find is how the Earth is doomed and we are all going to drown from global warming. This isn’t the case, in fact most climatologists will tell you differently. Global Warming Lies is an attempt to break down the science into every day language, provide facts, use logic and common sense instead of the „You’re going to die“ method.


global warming hockey stick correction
Corrected graph 1st used by scientists to declare we were all going to die by global warming.


Before you go through this site, if you have an hour to kill this is a great video and covers just about everything. Global Warming Swindle.If this link is temporarily down please google Global Warming Swindle.Every Climatologist will tell you the Earth’s temperature has been much hotter and colder than it is now.

There was an Ice Age and it warmed up, there was a Mini Ice Age just 500 years ago and it has been warming up ever since. The Industrial Revolution was not around during those periods.

NASA reports because of Solar Flares the Sun is the hottest it has been in over 100 years. There are no cars on the sun.

Global warming is causing ice to melt on Mars. There are no cars on Mars.

Thousands and thousands of studies and experiments prove that more carbon dioxide produces better fruits, vegetables, trees and almost any sort of plant life.

Most of the temperature increase happened before 1940 (Before most carbon dioxide was released by cars and factories)

The hot year of 1998 was caused by El Nino.

Joining the Kyoto Protocol would cost the U.S. approximately $400 Billion every year and would have virtually no effect on earths temperature.

April 28, 1975 Newsweek printed an article about scientists predicting doom and gloom because of Global Cooling.

Global Warming Lies and many millions of other people who don’t believe global warming is man made have never received money from any oil company.

Climate models do not take into account water vapor that is 95% of the atmosphere.

The United Nations left out two statements that were supposed to be in the final draft of a paper on Global Warming.

1)     “None of the studies cited above has shown clear evidence that we can attribute  the observed climate changes to increases in greenhouse gases.”
2)     “No study to date has positively attributed all or part of the climate change to man–made causes”

There are six billion people on Earth, a colder climate and/or less carbon dioxide would have devastating effects worldwide.

I wish I could take credit for this but I can’t, it’s a webpage with news articles on everything global warming is blamed for.
Global Warming blamed for everything

If you don’t believe global warming will destroy the earth you will be accused of working for an oil company.


Ways to stop producing carbon dioxide

Stop breathing – When you exhale you release carbon dioxide

Dont drive – We all know how bad driving is

Don’t live in a house/apartment/condo or any building that uses gas or electricity – Homes produce 2-3 times as much carbon as cars.

Don’t wear shoes or any sort of clothing produced in a factory. Grow a cotton field and make your own clothes by hand.

Quit school – Those school buildings produce more carbon in a year then you do in 20 years.

Eat meat raw – Whether you’re using gas or electric both produce carbon dioxide.

Turn off this monitor and computer – You hypocrite.

Don’t use toilets, urinate or poo in your back yard.- The water to your house is cleaned and sent to your house using pumps that use electricity.

Stop exercising – Increasing your heart rate increases the amount of oxygen you take in and turn into carbon dioxide.

Die – Dying younger means you will do all of the above less. Living one year less means you will save the earth 8.4 tons of carbon dioxide every year you’re not here!

These are just a few facts, some are very obvious but the fact that the planet has been much colder and much hotter long before cars and the Industrial Revolution should be obvious to everyone. Feel free to look around our site, we hope you’ll walk away feeling you’ve learned something. We don’t go into great details on the subjects but we try to cover what we feel is necessary. If you want more of the science behind our facts and studies we highly urge you to visit our friends at the bottom of every page. These guys are mostly scientists who have spent their whole lives studying the environment, and do it because they enjoy it. They are the true champions of saving this planet from misinformation.

If you wish to know detailed information on any subject please visit any the following companies. Thanks for visiting Global Warming Lies

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