Trump’s opponents are the bigots and racists

Trump’s opponents are the bigots and racists

November 14 2016

 The Times

Liberals weep for democracy even as they malign the people for being too stupid to deserve a say

If any evidence were needed of why Donald Trump won the White House, it’s on display in the reaction to his election. American college students have demanded classes be cancelled so they can cry over the threat Trump apparently poses to their “sanity and well-being”. This is the same student body that regularly mounts threatening protests against anyone who dares contradict progressive pieties.

Liberal writers have conjured up an existential apocalypse. In The New York Times, Thomas Friedman declared he was “in anguish” and “felt homeless in America”. Leon Wieseltier of the Brookings Institution denounced the politics of “resentment” and then urged anti-Trumpers to stay angry and divided.

Trump’s victory, it is claimed, will promote hatred, racial violence and an end to democracy. Yet the people being hated and racially attacked are Trump supporters.

In Chicago, two young black men beat up a middle-aged white man because he apparently voted for Trump. In San Jose, another Trump supporter was left bloodied, with his shirt all but torn from his body. In Los Angeles, a young woman anti-Trumper declared: “There will be casualties . . . people have to die.”

As for democracy, it’s Trump’s opponents who are now bringing it into doubt. On the Foreign Policy website, Jason Brennan wrote that voters were innately ignorant and uninformed. “Democracy is the rule of the people, but the people are in many ways unfit to rule.”

This resembles the aftermath of Britain’s EU referendum vote, when Brexiteers were deemed too stupid or ignorant to understand the important issues involved.

The accusations being hurled at Trump are not only distorted and display double standards but in turn smear the millions who voted for him. Yes, he is a crude vulgarian with saloon-bar attitudes. Well, so was the former Democratic president Lyndon B Johnson, a foul-mouthed groper of women who reportedly urinated in a hand basin in front of his secretary.

Trump is said to augur America’s descent into fascism. Really? Fascism is a totalitarian slave doctrine that deifies the state and its leader, is obsessed with racial purification and is hostile to modernity and reason. To tar Trump with this brush is to trivialise fascism to the point of denying what it is.

He is said to be anti-immigrant and thus a racist. In fact, he is merely against illegal immigrants and thus for the rule of law. He is said to be anti-Muslim. In fact, he is against Islamist extremism and terrorism; he merely said Muslims should be stopped from coming to America until it worked out whether or not they had radical ties.

The left falsely represent themselves as centrists, and true centrists as extremists

Most grotesque of all, he is said to be an antisemite. Trump has a Jewish son-in-law, his daughter is a Jewish convert and he is a staunch friend to Israel and the Jews. Indeed, it won’t be long before he’s accused of being in the pocket of the Jewish or Zionist lobby. Those accusations will come as much from the left as the white supremacist groups who leeched on to his campaign.

His appointment of Stephen Bannon as his chief strategist has provoked further uproar. This is because Bannon was head of the Breitbart News network. Breitbart exposes Islamist violence and intimidation. For that it is called racist, hate-fuelled and Islamophobic. Millions of voters who fear Islamist oppression and oppose uncontrolled immigration have been denounced in exactly the same way.

Believing the smears they have created, the Trumpophobes then smear the public for voting for the man they have thus smeared. This, of course, is precisely why millions voted against the liberal establishment and for Trump, as well as for Brexit, in the first place.

Populism certainly has its dangers. Lefties, however, believe that bad things can only happen on the right, that liberal universalism means progress and all good things, and that any movement against its shibboleths is a denial of the laws of nature.

That’s why they think Brexit must be a temporary derangement. That’s why they deemed it impossible that Hillary Clinton could be more dangerous than Trump.

Terrifyingly, they are impervious to evidence. They will never acknowledge the bullying on campuses or of Christians, the anti-white racism of Black Lives Matter, the hatred expressed by liberals towards those they falsely accuse of hatred.

The left’s agenda is not to oppose bigotry or ignorance. It is to gain power and control. For decades, liberals have stamped upon all opposition to the left’s revolutionary attempt to remake society in its own image. The Brexit/Trump uprising is the first time they have been defeated.

The left falsely represent themselves as centrists, and true centrists as extremists. What’s going on now is the people’s counter-revolution: an attempt to move politics back to the true centre of cultural gravity.

The fact remains, though, that neither Trump, who has a track record as a social liberal, nor Theresa May, who has merely bowed to the will of the people to leave the EU, can be relied upon to do so.

This is the culture war, and both in Britain and America it will be fought every inch of the way amid maximum confusion, contradictions and distasteful alliances. Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a rocky ride.

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