Wow, Jakob Augstein has done it again in the anti-Semites charts!

Jakob Augstein, part owner of and columnist for German newsweekly
Der Spiegel, for drawing parallels in his column subtitled, “Fascism
is not a phenomenon of the past,” between Israel’s Netanyahu-led
government and historical European fascism, France’s National Front
party and the far-right Alternative for Germany party (AfD). Augstein
wrote, “So right-wing like the German right-wing populists is the
government of Benjamin Netanyahu.”
Volker Beck, the Green Party spokesman for Interior Affairs and
Religion, charged that for Augstein, “Israel is to blame for everything –
somehow also still for the right-wing populists of the AfD. Mr. Augstein
is once again on the wrong track with his Israel obsession.” In 2012,
Augstein was included in the Center’s Top 10 list after equating Islamic extremists to Hasidic Jews in Israel.

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