Inside Dismaland


riot wagon

This post contains descriptions of Dismaland that are better left to your untarnished initial experience.  Leave if you don’t want the experience explained to you.

Getting there is easy enough.  From London, you can catch a train to Bristol, and then onward to Weston Super Mare.  The home of the 5 week Banksy and Friends exhibit known as Dismaland.  The experience starts with a one-hour queue to get to the ticket booth to purchase wristbands for entry.  Once you’ve completed that obstacle, you are ushered into a second queue to actually get in which ends up taking another hour.  Welcome to Dismaland.

Upon entering you’re „greeted“ by the hard working security staff of Dismaland, who make sure to diligently probe you with questions such as „Did you pack your own bag today?“, „Where are you from?“, „Didn’t your mother teach you to button your top shirt button?“, or „Is that…

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